Friday, April 23, 2010

38 Weeks

38 weeks. K twiddles thumbs. Looks left. Looks right. Back to twiddling thumbs. Yep we've arrived, can someone please tell Sunflower?
  • I'm meeting with my OB one week from today to discuss next steps and a possible induction the first week of May but- its my sincere hope I'll go on my own before then.
  • Anytime I call almost anyone these days before I can even say hi they say you're having the baby aren't you!!?! I guess I'm not the only one on alert.
  • My brother graduates on my due date. My mom has mentioned at least five times A will remember forever I wasn't there so if you can plan the induction on Saturday, after his graduation. . . I get that college graduation is a big deal (though I didn't attend mine) and that A is a very sensitive baby of the family, but I do not want to be made to feel guilty that she can't attend his graduation. If I went into labor May 3 or so she plans to drive 8 hours here and then drive 8 hours back to make it to his graduation and then turn around and come back here. That makes NO SENSE. I told her she should attend his graduation because if she seriously thinks he'll hold a grudge forever then his event should take priority over being here in time for Sunflower's arrival. I'm just tired of being made to feel guilty, I didn't plan to have a due date overlap his graduation date. Jack and I are debating not calling anyone to tell them I'm in labor until Sunflower arrives making it simple for everyone, but I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do either.
  • I haven't taken any birthing classes (out of laziness, though I watched a ton of 16 and pregnant and the baby story on TLC- does that count?) but I'm so calm about this upcoming reality. Maybe its because I know there is no way to get around it or maybe its because I have no idea whats in store for me.
  • My hospital bag is almost packed. I don't have enough maternity clothes to pack them away yet but his clothes, my nursing bras, creams, sugar free candy, socks, etc are all squared away.
  • I finally picked a pediatrician who seems great and came highly recommended. They have several locations and are open seven days a week!
  • I found a nice dress for my shower, and tomorrow I'm hitting up the mall to find a lotion set for the hostesses. I was going to get them a bracelet with Sunflower's birthstone but a) I'm not sure if he'll come in April or May, and b) April's birthstone? Diamonds. So, yeah- Origins lotions it is.
  • I feel like Enfamil and Similac are stalking me. Seriously. I got huge boxes of Enfamil in the mail and my OB office offers me a bag of Similac each time I go and today the pediatrician offered me more too! Maybe I shouldn't have refused some of the free stuff but a) I don't want to formula feed if I can help it and b) the aggressive approach these formula makers use makes my D.A.R.E training from elementary school kick in since I feel like they're pushing me with free samples to hook me. (I hope ya'll remember DARE?)
  • In Milk Watch News, Kroger's Milk now expires May 5. Two days away people! I am currently wondering if I'm neurotic enough to go out and buy the milk once it bears my due date. Me thinks I just may be that crazy.
  • Speaking of Milk Watch. . . I got a Medala from one of Jack's co-workers for about $75 (obviously will be getting separate accessories for it!) but have been nervous that I'm not really showing signs of impending milk production. A friend suggesting I squeeze and um, yep, there's something in there. This is good news but also amazing to consider that these boobs will soon be working girls not just there to sit and look pretty.
  • And- HOLY CRAP this is my 100th post for 2010?! How have I managed to have THAT much to say? Wow.
38 weeks- here's hoping this is my last weekly update for this pregnancy! [Sunday night, baby. Sunday night!]


  1. Awwwwwww how exciting!! I hope this week goes smoothly and sending labour vibes your way lol.

    Good Luck!!

    Happy ICLW

  2. To be honest, you may be happy to have it be just the two of you for L&D and starting out at home. It makes for nice low-stress family bonding time.

  3. Hang in there, it's coming soon !!

  4. i'm glad you found a pediatrician you like, i would take the formula samples in case you decide to stop breastfeeding at some point, that shit is EXPENSIVE.
    i remember dare, it was a terrible program, they basically showed us how to get high when we were in sixth grade aaaaaaaand i didn't take any birthing classes either, i watched a baby story and freaked out a lot.

  5. 38 weeks!! count down is on. It seems so far away yet so close!

  6. Hurrah for you and sunflower! 38 weeks is awesome, and you sound READY! Hoping that Sunflower doesn't inconvenience anyone too much (or that you & Jack decide to just play it cool & let people know once he's there!) Stress about inconveniencing others is really not what you should have to be dealing with right now!

    Thinking of you. (And every time you post, I'm thinking, "Is it happening yet? Is she in labor yet?")

  7. haha - I love the comment about watching 16 & Pregnant.

  8. If you want people to be calling you non-stop during labor or waiting around for who knows how long, then call when you go into labor. What about calling the people you would call and discuss what you want and make a decision then as to when to contact people. I lived away from all family for both of my pregnancies, so calling when it all started was not a concern.

    Don't worry about the free stuff, if you do decide to formula feed later, the doctors will stuff offer the free stuff later on ;) Don't feel pressured, it's you and your baby's decision as to what you do.


  9. Probably many people won't agree with me, but I think birthing classes are a waste of time and money. When you're in the moment, you don't remember or a damn thing, or at least I didn't, and as an IFer you already understand the process pretty darn well, I'm sure.

    In terms of calling people, I would say you definitely need to know what you want in advance and explain to them how it's going to be. With SS, I was clear that certain people could be in the room until I was delivering and then they had to go, and I reserved the right to kick them out earlier if I chose.

  10. Wow, this is an entirely different tww! One you know will be productive! How exciting. I still have 12 weeks to go but will be there soon. Best of luck with welcoming your little one!

    Happy ICLW!