Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nine more days

I'm feeling a little drained. And annoyed. As I stated in my last post I had labor-like contractions for nearly an hour. It hurt like hell. I could not walk nor talk through them and then- they slowly tapered off and now the volcano is silent again. I feel teased. I feel a little frustrated. From the way sunflower is now kicking me, he is feeling teased too. I realize I cannot control my body and I realize this is just a practice run and that as a type-A minded person, my body is apparently a type-A bodied creature that simply must practice 100 times before doing the real thing but I still kind of want to cry. The pain was scary and more powerful than the last time I had painful contractions two nights earlier. This time I felt the pain in my back and pelvic area as well. I know labor hurts. I know that what went in was microscopic but what's going to come out is at least 8 pounds. So yes- pain is to be expected- but wow- that pain is amazing. That pain is otherwordly. I now understand why people of my faith pray for others while in the throes of this pain- I felt like I was on another plane in the midst of the intense pain. But what scares me is that if this isn't labor- will actual labor pains hurt more? That is terrifying.

I want my body to go into labor on its own. I don't want to be induced. So I shouldn't complain. I'm just confused. Is this going to lead to something? Or is my body just messing around? I feel like someone told me you won a million dollars!! and then said oh whoops, not you, the *other* girl in the yellow shirt. Sigh.

Forgive me for my twitter like updates lately but as always this is my place to write about what's going on, and helps me make sense of what is going on. Thank you for listening.


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  2. (linux fonts, what can I say, perfect timing for spamming, my friend...)

    Thank you, K, for sharing all this with us. It's one thing to read it in books, another to have someone like you share it as it happens.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    Bon courage!

  3. I only know what an induced labor contraction feels like and it is nothing compared to a BH. I was having them all day yesterday, or what I assume was BH, but I can't say for certain because all I know is what an induced contraction feels like.

  4. Last night was a full moon....I had contractions while sitting on the sofa for an hour and was so incredibly uncomfortable. Finally went to bed SURE I would wake up at 3am in labor or something...but no, today I'm just sore ALL OVER thanks to my massage yesterday...but no more contractions.

    It's hard, this wait. But definitely the best so far....

  5. he will be here soon :) i'm not sure if you're having an epidural or not but if you are try not to bee too worried about the pain, the medication really takes it away.

  6. every single contraction that you have is moving things along and each contraction you have is one closer to your baby. Just because you aren't having them all at once doesn't mean they aren't doing their job! Hang in there. I swear, for me, the early contractions just freaked me out for the pain of labor. I went on to have a 48 hour slow and easy-ish labor. You can do it!

  7. It sounds like you're really close to actual labor, I've heard the same story from my girlfriends who went into labor - the day or two before hand they had serious pains and then their water broke.

  8. I'm sure the pains ar having some effect. Hopefully they're effacig and dilating your cervix bit-by-bit so you have an easier time of it during the real thing.
    Hang in there - you'll have your prize soon!