Sunday, April 4, 2010

Braxton Hicks and Police Officers

He's been quite active today. Hiccups, jumps, pokes, squirms. My stomach looks like an invisible person is using it as a water mattress. Along with it I get pressure like I'm having a period. It went on for 2-5 minutes and then went away, and then returned. Maybe its gas so I'm not calling my OB yet- but can you get this pressure during pregnancy? I have an MFM appointment tomorrow so I'm trying to wait it out. I've already discussed with little dude in full detail: two more weeks! Hopefully he's listening.

In unrelated news we woke up today to loud banging and ringing of our door. Jack opened the door. Two cops in two cop cars on our driveway asking to speak to ME. Apparently, our painter who nicely offered to take some of our trash bags to the dump when he went, illegally dumped the trash a mile down the road from our house and bills with my name were scattered for miles down the road. The cops were very concerned someone broke into our house, stole these bills and then scattered them a mile down the road. They then handed us our torn bills and left. So there are in fact two lessons to be gathered here (1) Shred your documents (2) If you want to live in a city where no real crime apparently happens resulting in two officers showing up to deliver trash to your home- live in my city.


  1. LOL on the last part - I hope no one stole any of your info!

    You are soooo close - I am so excited for you!

  2. Glad to hear the little dude is super active. Sounds like you live in a nice place :)

  3. I have period like cramps and tightening but then it goes away. Sometimes it feels like I have been doing 50 situps.

    That sucks that they didn't dispose of your trash correctly but glad the cops thought enough to check in with you.

    My little one has been strangley calm today.

    Good luck tomorrow with the mfm doc.

  4. I had tightenings with lots of cervical pressure, sometimes every 3-4 min lasting an hour or two at the end, and it still didn't manage to change my cervix or mean I was in labour.

  5. i think your safe, it's when they STOP moving that you should worry :)

  6. Hmmmm... no words of wisdom on the pressure. I've been hyper worried about those sorts of sensations myself because of the nature of this pregnancy, and it's sent me to L&D twice for nothing. (Expensive and time consuming!) It is probably either digestion, harmless BH, or just the nature of baby kicking your cervix. Glad you have the MFM appt tomorrow, it will ease your worries!

    What a crazy story about the cops. Obviously they are on the ball, you can feel safe in your neighborhood!

  7. I've had period-like pressure even this early. not too intense, but it would make sense that it gets worse as you go. It only lasts a few minutes or until i change positions and I've always just figured it was just the baby sitting in a particular spot, like sometimes he sits directly ON my bladder and sometimes he moves and that pressure is relieved. I haven't had anything that feels like contractions (I don't think) - BH or otherwise, thankfully. The period pressure seems to be something different for me. but again, it's not very strong.

    Man that would scare the s-- out of me to have cops banging at my door in the morning. Thank goodness you didn't get taken to jail and that they assumed right off the bat that you were innocent instead of assuming you were illegally dumping or something (like they would do in my city). That's pretty awesome.

    I can't believe how close you are to meeting your little guy! I'm so so happy for you.