Monday, April 12, 2010

MFM Update

I have mixed feelings about today's MFM visit:
  • Sunflower weighed in at 7lb3oz. After I proceeded to have a heart attack the tech remeasured and revised her estimate to 6lb14oz. 70th percentile. No one except me and Jack seem concerned that this puts him on track to be about 9 pounds at birth.
  • My blood pressure was pretty high which is unusual for me since I'm usually on the lower end, on retest I was borderline normal but my ankles are swelling and there was a tiny bit of protein in my urine so they took my blood to make sure I'm not getting preeclampsia.
  • While sitting in the waiting room I began having menstrual like cramps to the point that it was hard to breathe through it, but. . .
  • A cervix check shows that the baby has not dropped and while slightly soft, my cervix is only dilated a fingertip so. .
  • Labor aint coming no time soon, I'm just having good old fashioned braxton hicks.
I'm glad the cervix is slowly softening and its slightly opened (albeit just a fingertip) so at least the contractions I'm having aren't in vain. Everyone tells me that when its labor I'll know, so I guess I'll resist the urge to read into anything. It's so weird though. This time next month I will have Sunflower in my arms. I've been through so many months of waiting. Yet, this final wait, of a mere three weeks, it feels like I will have a fluff of white hair and a cane by the time I get there.


  1. Hope you don't have preeclampsia! Hang in there - he'll be worth the wait.

  2. Getting there....and those growth scans can be off by a bit. The days are inching by, sorry they are becoming increasingly uncomfortable. :-(

  3. I'm sorry that things feel like they are moving slowly. I'm only at 30 weeks and I can't imagine how I'm going to get through the next two months, I can imagine that feeling only gets more intense as you get closer. I hope that you get to the end sooner than you expect and have your baby in your arms, happy and healthy!

  4. A friend of mine gave birth to an approx. 8lb baby. This sounds scary, but hear out the entire story. She was repeatedly told that the baby is 'big', but the scans were a bit off, because she gave birth 14 days (as in 2 entire weeks) later than EDD. And they did not induce her because they just didn't, until 14 days later. And during this time, the baby well, gained weight.
    She ended up with a c-section not because of the baby's size, but because she just did not dilate more than 4 cm. In TWO days. After oxytocin. The midwife wanted to wait some more (they are sooooo idiotic here... sorry, 'their' ;-)), and you can imagine how distressed my friend was when she heard that - two days without sleep, but lots of pain and the labour looming at the horizon. The doctor intervened and said it was enough and that was it.

    You will not be left to wait 2 weeks until your Sunflower decides one way or the other. And I do not think you are having the giganto baby everyone is so quick to mention when coming to GD (talking about ANNOYING). But you do have some more time to enjoy the contractions. Hang on. It's coming soon. ;-)

  5. Don't panic yet!! He might not be giganto baby...or he might be. I have known woman as small as sticks giving birth to 9 pounders without a problem. I would think that it would have more to do with genetics at this point then because of the GD. I mean your sugar has pretty much been under control. I think woman who have really big babies because of GD are the ones that have sugar levels constantly up probably in the upper 100-200 levels.

    That is a good sign that your cervix is starting to soften and dilate. That is what it is supposed to be doing these last few weeks. ;) At least your body is doing something. Mine isn't. *sigh again*

  6. How uncomfortable you must be. I am so sorry time is crawling. I would be freaking out about a 9lb baby too!!!

  7. One thing I do remember is how long those last few weeks were. There isn't anything to speed them up either, no matter how hard you try!

    As for the 9lb baby, while I wouldn't want to do it again unless I had can be done, and having nothing else to compare to myself, I didn't think it was all that bad. Are you having an epidural?

    And someone else mentioned they are often off, and that is so the case. They can be off as much as a full pound, so hopefully that's the case.