Sunday, April 11, 2010


The contractions- they just keep on coming. So much so I've stopped counting. Pretty much anytime I stand up, I contract. Sitting, I get them too. The contractions today are a little different. There is more pressure. A few times I felt a sharp pain like a needle go down my cervix on downwards and there's been a few contractions lately that are making me catch my breath. But not all of them, and not consistently, and I can still talk through them, so its likely not labor. This is an important doctor week. Tomorrow MFM will tell me how much little dude weighs which will help us figure out what the plan will be and Tuesday when my OB does the swab test they do at 36 weeks she can also just see how my cervix is holding up. Its so weird- last year this time I had contractions like this though a tad more painful and I knew what was happening and that it was happening soon. But now- with these contractions there is no telling. My body might be contracting to do practice runs (makes sense, I'm so type A!) or it might be pre-labor, or who knows. ARGH.


  1. I can't wait to hear what your doctor has to say about your contractions and how big the baby is ;).

    My other blog friend was a week ahead of me was contracting like that and just had her baby yesterday ;). Maybe it is a good sign.

    Me, nothing here...Just starving.

  2. Sorry you are in pain K, it's just Mr. Sunflower getting warmed up for his grand entrance into your wonderful arms... since I know he's already filled your heart!

  3. I had contractions like that for three weeks and then the baby came at 38. You will definitely know when its the real deal. I kept thinking, is this it? is this it? And people told me, if you have to ask, it ain't it. They were right. The real ones are definitely different. Hope your appointment goes well!

  4. I've been getting BH and similar shooting pains for a couple weeks now. Mostly I just try to keep busy and ignore them. When it is the real thing you will know it! Looking forward to hearing what your doc has to say this week.