Friday, April 16, 2010

37 Weeks

I am 37 weeks pregnant. I am full term. No more countdowns. It could happen anytime. Perhaps today. Perhaps next week. I have tears in my eyes typing this because I never thought this day would come. I still remember at 9 weeks pregnant wiping and finding blood. Rushing to the OB knowing it was over. Watching her expression as she shielded me from the u/s machine and then the smile as she showed me the heartbeat. And now while I know nothing is certain until it is certain and we're not there yet, I'm amazed to have come this far.

In other news. . .
  • My preeclampsia results were normal!
  • On an important note: In my faith, women often pray for their friends and family while in labor because it is said the prayers of a laboring woman are given special consideration. I dont know if this is true but I'm hoping it is and please know if I read your blog or know you read mine you're on my prayer list. If there's anyone who wants me to add them to the list or if there is a specific prayer please leave a comment.
  • Thanks for your advice on baby showers! It was last minute and we're only giving people two weeks notice (It is next Sunday April 25) so I was hoping for maybe 8 people to show up but so far 20 people RSVPd which is pretty much everyone I invited. I'm touched and honored and am going to try my best to be at ease being the center of attention. I'm not used to that. I also feel weird not contributing to the event. I'm not used to people doing things for me and I think the hostesses want to kill me because I keep asking them to let me help.
  • Speaking of baby showers, any ideas for a good hostess gift? I was thinking maybe a bath set from Origins (you know. . . shower?) but not sure. Ofcourse . . .
  • I wonder if I'll go into labor before the party. Contractions continue to come and go. Some are painful and wrap around my body, some are period cramps, some are so mild I hardly notice and then there's the nightly someone is stabbing my cervix with a knitting needle pain. Im fine with little guy coming whenever he wants but I'd feel bad if he came right before the shower since they're working hard with very little time to put it together.
  • With my two miscarriages, my body, like a bouncer, pushed them out astonishingly fast. This is why I'm so grateful to reach full term. I just wonder if now my uterus is so busy cuddling little guy we'll have to file eviction papers to get him out.
  • As anxious as I am to meet him my dear friend and new mama reminded me I should enjoy these last few weeks too. I went to Karaoke on Monday with some girlfriends, we're going to a festival on Saturday with friends and doing a movie on the green. I'm trying to enjoy the time left instead of staring at the clock as it ticks down.
  • And that nesting instinct I talked about previously? The one that led to me repainting the walls and smoothing our ceilings and cleaning behind the couch? It's gone. I am enjoying nothing more lately than sitting on the couch wallowing.
  • And finally, since I'm full term, I thought I'd give you a pic of what I now resemble:
Oh yes, sexy is my middle name. Happy Full Term to me. Good job little guy. Thank you womb. Note to Sunflower: you're a 7 pounder. Come out come out whenever you want!


  1. WOOHOO for 37 weeks! (And I'll bet you're a sexy walrus, if walrus you truly resemble!) Happy full term, indeed! And I'm glad you're getting a shower - it sounds like you have truly good friends taking care of you - and even if you have that shower in your bed with Sunflower in your arms, it's a GOOD thing, (and I happen to think most showers would be improved if the baby were already born and able to be cooed over!)

    Congratulations, you full-term pregnant lady, you!

  2. Whohooo for full term, and for a little Mr. Sunflower, that you will meet sooner or later. I'm glad you decided to have the shower, I feel like the past miscarriages robbed you of some of the joy you should have at (especially at the beginning of your pregnancy). I can't wait for the next step of when he makes his grad entrance into this world.

  3. Happy Full Term to you indeed!
    You are so gracious to offer to pray for anyone else but your baby and yourself during a time when thinking about someone else will not come easy, I think. We'll be thinking of and praying for you.
    The baby shower will be great, I am sure of it.
    And walruses have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, you cannot deny they are appealing. ;-)

  4. i am so happy you are having a shower and hanging out with friends, it sounds as though you are finally able to enjoy your pregnancy the way a "normal" person (non-infertile) gets to and i love that. i love the ritual of praying for women in labor, i am not a religious person but you can be sure that when i think you are in labor i will be praying for you in my own way.
    p.s. have you registered?

  5. I'm so happy you are having a baby shower!! so exciting. I hope your little one stays put until then.

    With my first son I never had one contraction on my own. Nada, zilch. My water broke at 40 weeks 6 days and then I was induced where I started contracting very nicely.

    With my first M/C, I labored for 2 days (about 6 hours each) to pass a 10-week sac. It was agonizing.

    My second, I had a D&C.

    And now with this pregnancy, I have a few discomforts where I am not sure if it is a BH or not. I think they are as it was recorded on the NST but nothing strong for sure and certainly not many of them.

    I am having pain in my pubic bone and "down in that area," not too bad though. My bladder feels like it is constantly being pinched and I think I am now using the RR twice at night.

    So I wonder how this labor will go...who knows.

    Yeah, I have NO idea really why I am going for NSTs because I am not on insulin. And I HATE that I have to go for an u/s at 39 weeks.

    Time will tell how things will go for both of us ;). I def. think you are going first though, lol.

  6. Woot Woot! So happy for your reaching full term!!!! {hugs}

  7. Happy 37 weeks, sweetie! So excited for you and I can't wait to meet Sunflower! ((hugs))

  8. Happy 37th sweetheart!

    I gave these to my 3 hostesses at my baby shower - they came out beautifully.

    Please keep us in your prayers that we are good parents to Bean and that he grows into a healthy and compassionate man who brings love & light in this world & the next.

    And, make sure you text me when the time comes so I can pray for you too!

    Enjoy this beautiful lull before your life changes forever :)

    Lots of love to you & Jack!

    - Baraka

  9. What a relief for you to be full term!! That is exciting! I know you can't wait to see Sunflower!

  10. That is a really neat, can i ask what faith you are if you dont want to say that is fine, I dont mean to offend, i am just facinated, I love the belief that laboring women have God's ear.