Monday, April 26, 2010

NOW I'm scared of labor

I was having a perfectly pleasant dream about bottles. Avent versus Dr. Brown. Me and a friend were discussing the benefits of each quite passionately. Then my stomach started hurting and when I awoke the pain remained and my stomach was hard as a rock and I had to take deep breaths to stave off the pain. It went on for 3 minutes. Then it went away. After that I got more painless braxton hicks tightening [I officially love braxton hicks, they are so gentle, why couldn't we labor with braxton hicks gentle tight and release?] on and off. And then- SLAM. The next contraction was again strong enough I couldn't talk through it and the pain? Damn. Ladies, how do you do it? I found myself moaning and just pacing, walking, lying down, trying to do anything to make this pain go away. This one hurt enough to send a call to the doctor. The meanest Step-OB was on call and when I described my symptoms she said its not real labor (Being the bearer of bad news I suppose does not make her mean though) and such false labors are normal at this stage. I was hoping that since I was contracting every five minutes, just that some were those cute bunny rabbit braxton hicks, that maybe it all added up to labor, but no. She said they all have to be that painful and every five minutes.

So- veteran mothers, don't laugh- but- I had this image of me going into natural labor. I imagined myself packing my bags (because they're not fully packed), taking a shower, grabbing a bite to eat, saying a quick prayer, and then heading to the hospital. Frolicking really. This isn't going to happen, is it?

Now the volcano has calmed down, my uterus is soft, baby is kicking like crazy as if asking what the fuck was that? And I'm left wondering: Is my body sadistic? Or does it mean the real thing is imminent? I guess time will tell. In the meantime- is incessant blogging a symptom of labor?


  1. are you getting an epidural? if so don't worry, you won't be able to feel the contractions afterward :) you're right though, there is no way i was taking a shower or eating anything when i went into labor.

  2. Sounds like real labor is coming soon :) Better get that bag packed, doesn't sound like you're going to feel up to it when the time comes.

  3. WOOOWOOOWOOOOO! Sounds like the real thing is coming soon! (And I am thrilled beyond belief that you're blogging so regularly through this. Lets me know what to expect, and makes me feel like I'm right there with you!)

  4. Wow! It is getting CLOSE...
    I have absolutely no piece of advice I can give you, but I hope that everything goes smoothly and that you get to let us know more details when you can, of course.

  5. sweetie pie,
    it IS imminent, no matter how you look at it! look at the date!
    sounds real
    like a wind up,
    like a dress rehearsal,
    and breathe breathe breathe, your body is doing AMAZING THINGS.

    and do not fall into the trap of thinking one approach is better than another- whatever is right for you in the moment you decide what that is-- that is what is right, and that is what is best.

    take good care of you, and know that your medical team and sweet love will take good care of you and your baby too-- you all want the same thing- a very happy healthy delivery and OH you are going to have that so soon!

    thinking of you

  6. Well, when I had my babies, no one was texting yet!!! So I can't say whether it's a sign of labor but it probably IS a sign of increasing anxiety about labor. Please please please remember this. I swear it's the truth. The very INSTANT you deliver, you will forget that pain. You'll think back on it later but the VERY INSTANT you deliver, it will be the furthest thing from your mind. Be encouraged and think about THAT moment!

  7. Sounds like a contraction to me!! Get those bags packed!
    Don't fear labor - as easy as that may sound. It really isn't that bad (at least not for me and I will pray not for you). Contractions hurt like Hell, don't get me wrong but when it comes to pushing - your body is doing everything, you are just the assistant. I didn't have time to get an epi (and I really wanted one) and truthfully I'm so happy I didn't!
    Labor and Delivery is such a memorable moment, one that you will never forget!!
    Good luck with everything and thanks for stopping by!

  8. i remember when i was pregnant with my first, i was convinced that i would never know when i was actually in labor ... but boy did i know when it happened!
    you will soon be meeting that little person that you fell in love with 9 months ago, sight unseen.
    how cool is that?

  9. I never experienced labor, but I wish I had. I think that you can do anything you put your mind to, but from what I've heard, natural childbirth ranks up there in difficulty.


  10. Sounds like you are close! I never went into actual labor with my twins and got to my scheduled c-section, but I did have an experience like you with a b!tchy on-call ob. When I mentioned this to the nursing staff at my next NST they said to forget calling the ob on call and to call them directly, even if I just wanted to be checked... so if it happens again just call L&D if you want. If you are in actual labor they will get in touch with your regular ob...

    And even though I never went into labor, I did have labor contractions off and on as well as a very painful pregnancy. BUT now it doesn't seem like much of anything as I am holding one of my two end results :)

  11. The anxiety must be a sure sign this is REALLY getting closer to ACTUALLY happening.....EEEEEEEEEK!

  12. Yeah for positive signs that it's on its way! And I agree about packing a bag now. You don't want to have to worry about anything when the time comes. You never know how fast it's going to hit you. Some people don't know they are in labor until it's active and things can move quickly then!

    I'm SO excited for you. He's almost here!

  13. oooh yep labour does hurt,but..Robin is so right,as soon as your baby is placed on your tummy that pain goes instantly and the awe of what your body has created takes over.I had a shower before I left to go to hospital as I found that the warm water really helped with the pain and also helped me focus that each pain is one less I have to have before I held my little one but I think you should pack your bag today as your brain really does get focused elsewhere.Thinking of youx

  14. wow - it is defintiely close. i'll be stalking your blog for updates - can't wait to hear the story. as i've heard form lots of folks, if you are getting an epidural, it will not hurt. i actually wish i' have had at least one contraction.. something to prepare me for labor. I've had NOTHING and i'm almost 38 weeks with twins. isn't is funny how we want what we don't have. even though i know i woudl be a mess if i'd been through what you described..

    it's happening soon!!!