Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lady in Waiting

I woke up at 3am last night with painful gas pains and my uterus hard as a rock every few minutes. Wasn't able to fall back asleep. It wasn't a labor contraction because after the practice runs, I have a hint of what actual labor contractions might be like and braxton hicks contractions are just cute little bunnies really. This morning I called the OB and they told me a med to take to ease the pains. I was going to head to babysrus and return some gifts, and do some shopping at the mall but I'm a little scared by last night's contractions and don't really want to leave the house because I don't know how well I could drive if those contractions attacked me while I was out. Luckily the pharmacy is less than a mile away.

Tomorrow I have a repeat amniotic fluid scan at the MFM. If it went down significantly again- tomorrow might be the day I meet Sunflower. So, if you don't hear from me tomorrow night- you'll know what happened. [But- I'm not holding my breath] As I sit here, a lady in waiting, I'm trying to find ways to occupy my time.

1. Practicing the moby wrap on a stuffed teddy.
2. FINISHED packing the hospital bag.
3. Power walking in the neighborhood [well its a power walk for me, bearing in mind I waddle mostly these days- most people would call it an old lady shuffle]
4. Making thank you gift bags for the nurses. I've heard from nurse friends that this is most appreciated. I'm thinking of putting in some lollipops and chocolates with a little note that says Thanks for taking care of my mommy, love, Sunflower.
5. Organizing duplicate gifts to return to BRU and Target.
6. Installing the car seat
7. Making a mental list of the stuff I will eat once the baby comes out (Strawberry milkshake from Steak-n-Shake, chocolate chip cookies, soft serve frozen yogurt, a nice frosted cupcake).
8. Bribing sunflower with promises of TV viewing and anything naughty he wants if he will just come out [don't intend to follow through but I'm betting he wont remember!]

Any other ideas on how to help pass the time as productively as possible most appreciated!


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!

    Maybe: start memory book, organize every closet you have, if you are going to bottle feed at all - get multiple types of bottles - we went through about SEVEN different types before finding the right one...

  2. That's awesome that you've gotten so much done. Now you're just...waiting. But it will be over before you know it!

    And I agree with meinsideout on the bottle thing. To begin with, breastfeeding doesn't go smoothly for everyone, and while I hope for you that it goes exactly as you want, it doesn't hurt to have some back up bottles on hand just in case. Buy several different types and keep the receipts so you can return them all if you don't use any of them, or those you don't open if you do. It never hurts to be prepared!

    I'm eagerly anticipating the announcement of his arrival...I can barely imagine how it must feel for you!

  3. No advice here - I surfed the internet and watched TV to pass the waitig time.