Saturday, April 24, 2010

Waiting For Sunflower- seriously, waiting.***

I think the first year of my IF blogging all I blogged about were my symptoms during the two week wait. Measuring my nausea, and levels of fatigue and squeezing and then reporting on the tenderness of my boobs. [oh yes, this blog was once quite riveting] I am beyond grateful to be on the other end of the TWW but I apologize if I show this gratitude by indulging myself in Symptom Watch 2010, particularly when most of these 'symptoms' are likely not symptoms at all. Still to humor myself here's an accounting:
  1. Nausea. I've been slammed with nausea. Nothing tastes right. Even chips or sipping soda doesn't help like it normally does.
  2. I constantly feel full. I ate breakfast but had to force myself to eat lunch at 4pm not due to hunger but because I needed to eat. I just am not getting hunger pangs.
  3. Weird feelings in the land down under like someone with knitting needles gently tapping.
  4. Walrus-Like. Its not just girth (though I am by all accounts enormous), its how I feel. I want to sit on a rock (or sofa) and just wallow in the sun (or under the fan). Mind you, I had the energy today to vacuum, fold laundry, clean our bedroom and the toilet, all things that need to be done, but I didnt want to. Sure no one ever wants to do household chores but I do them routinely without whining. These days I just can't. Today, I bought the hostess gifts, came home and read, napped, and watched Judge Judy. I did nothing more.
  5. Funky emotions. One minute I want to cry [though not sad]. The next, I feel at peace and feel like I'm on top of the world [though I'm still just walrusing on the couch].
  6. **Edited, add to the list now menstrual cramping, watery discharge, and a hard contraction/cramp that woke me from sleep. Come on, you just know this baby is going to decide to come right before the baby shower! [I realize this is likely of no interest to anyone outside of me, I guess I'm record keeping]
The contractions aren't very strong. Once in a blue moon these past few days I'll get a doozy of a hicks but otherwise its calm but I wonder are all these symptoms the eye before the storm? Can anyone relate?

I know in under two weeks I'll be meeting little guy so theres no need to read into any of this. My family reminds me of this constantly (after they calm down from asking, ARE YOU IN LABOR OMG OMG!) but, you know how it is. So thanks for listening to this silly contemplation as I sit here waiting and wondering, waiting and wondering, when when when.


  1. So thrilled you get to meet your little guy so soon! I can't relate to the pregnancy symptoms/feelings, but I feel the same way on most days... only no contractions. But the lazy, not want to get off my butt, DEFINATELY! Praying delivery is a breeze for you! Happy ICLW!

  2. You should sing Jack Johnson to Sunflower...

    "..I was sitting waiting wishing
    That you believed in superstitions
    Then maybe you'd see the signs..."

    Then he would think the symptoms were his cue to come out!!

  3. Completely normal and totally understandable so not even the slightest bit weird or silly. When you're so close to the end of the race, how can you not see the finish line, imagine yourself there, and then start feeling like every mile is taking longer than the last? Will I ever get there? Hey wait...I think that's the 2 mile it...I think so...eventually, you have to be right. :)

  4. I felt like a slug too. Now I wish I'd thought to do my taxes in peace and quiet!

  5. I think it is safe to assume you are in the latent phase of labor. Your body prepares the whole last 2-4 weeks.

    I have been feeling "weird" too. Nothing to write home about but just little signs here and there. I feel a lot like I do right before a period. Crampy, and a pinching sensation in my cervix, little swollen down there, spending a little more time in the bathroom...hungry,

    They will come when they are ready...hopefully sometime in the next 2 weeks.

  6. Probably you're still a good week out, because watching the pot sure seems to make it boil so much slower, but... I'm still kind of hoping you get that classic (and unrealistic) "My water broke, and now in real labor" experience right at the end of your shower. It would be such a story!

  7. watch that discharge, at first when my water broke i thought i was peeing myself but i wasn't, i just had a slow leak.

  8. Congrats on your pregnancy! And I totally think you should just not call anyone when you go into labor, if it overlaps graduation.