Monday, April 26, 2010

Amniotic fluids and induction

Dr. MFM told me my amniotic fluid decreased to the borderline level, dropping half in volume since last week. Oh, I said, well I have been leaking some watery discharge. Jack and MFM stared at me like I had morphed into a Cockatoo. And you didn't mention this because. . .? Jack asked. I felt myself grow red well I figured it was normal, plus its not a continuous trickle like Dr. Google said. She took a sample of the fluid [though I wasn't feeling the discharge then] and said I'm going to test to see if its amniotic fluid if it is we'll send you across the street to the hospital and you can deliver today! We just stared at her with our jaws dropped as she left the room. I don't have my bags packed! I shrieked. And today? We meet him today? I know I want to meet him, and yes I'd love to meet him today but wow it hit me like an anvil as Mekate pointed out, whether its this week or next his arrival is imminent!

She didn't find any evidence of a rupture though she said it didn't mean I wasn't leaking earlier. They're having me come in again Thursday to continue monitoring the levels. Friday I'm meeting my OB and the nurse hinted that my OB is on call next Monday and Tuesday so if I'm going to be induced it would likely be then.

If the fluid continues falling its a different matter, but otherwise I'm conflicted about inducing. On one hand my cervix is ripening and I'm dilating and effacing so the risks of C-Section due to induction are lower. Plus I know I'm carrying a large-ish baby so the longer I go the bigger the baby will be. BUT- as I was typing this I had a contraction from hell. I couldnt walk. I couldn't talk through it. My uterus hardened for three minutes while I breathed my way through it. If my body is revving up like an engine trying to get to a comfortable laboring hum, then why not let it? And even though labor feels like its coming tonight, I'm a first timer so odds are I'm not going until at at least my due date. Should I wait it out if I can?

In the meantime I'm going to finish packing my hospital bag, write out a checklist of things to take, and tidy up the bedroom. Sweets are my safe comfort food and I wish so much I could have a nice large milkshake right now. Dang you GD! In the meantime I ate a slice of pineapple. Nothing proves it sends you to labor but right now old wives tales on the internet sound like scientific based medical journals. I wish I could have that nice fun water broke moment soon erasing all doubt of what exactly is happening!

Is it possible to be simultaneously excited and frightened out of one's mind?


  1. It's possible to be freaked out and excited at the same time, lol. So excited for you!

  2. I've been watching from afar . . .being quiet and keeping my opinions/comments/etc to myself because I didn't want to overwhelm you.

    But I can't keep quiet anymore . . . .YOU ARE SO CLOSE!

    Don't worry about being induced. Everyone told me that pitocin was the devil. When my water broke and I wasn't having any contractions, I had to have pitocin. And it wasn't that bad. I think because I had nothing to compare it to. I expected the worst, and reality turned out to be . . .not that bad.

    I'm a WIMP with pain. But knowing that each contraction was bringing my baby closer to her arrival dulled the pain. Everyone says you forget the pain, but I didn't. I will always remember what they felt like, and I look back on those hours with a smile on my face.

    My only advice to you . . .calming music (something you can loose yourself in and zone out) and tennis balls. I clutched one ball in each hand and squeezed them with each contraction.

    Just my 2 cents . . .


  3. Um. YES. Totally possible. I concur.

  4. It really does sound like you're super close! You're going to do beautifully and yes, it's normal to feel conflicting emotions. :) ((hugs))

  5. Thank you Jin and Murgdan :)

    Shawna, so nice to hear from you after so long! I have now added tennis balls and calming music to my checklist. It's crazy good timing you told me that because today when they did a speculum exam to check my fluids I think I nearly squeezed Jack's hands off, lol. Tennis balls are a much better idea!!! :)

  6. Oh, me thinks you are very, very, very close! And yes, excited and terrified at the same time are absolutely to be expected!

    Pack those bags dearest...I bet you don't make it to Monday or Tuesday. :)

    Woohoo! Bring on the baby train!!

  7. yes, excited and scared at the same time, i think that's how everyone feels right before they have a baby, excited to meet the little one and scared of labor, but you know what? it's ONE day out of your life and then you will have your baby. maybe you'll be one of those women who are only in labor for like eight hours or something, then it's not even a whole day!!

  8. Excited and scared are the perfect feelings at this point in your pregnancy!! Labor and delivery is such a memorable time! I wish you the best as you are very soon to become a mommy! Enjoy!


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  9. How exciting and SCARY!!! I can imagine you are extremely anxious waiting!!!