Tuesday, April 27, 2010


No contractions today- not a one. Went for a walk with Jack just now. As we came home my tummy started hurting like a painful (TMI alert! Read no further if you're squeamish!) bowel movement was coming. Like when you're constipated. Except, I'm not constipated. Anyways, then proceeded to have the most painful bowel movement of my entire life. Since then the pain remains. It's not powerful like a labor contraction [which I'm told 'if you're having it you won't have any doubt what it is'] but, it HURTS. The uterus is not necessarily hard at all times during the pain (though sometimes it is) but this pain? This pain is like a really really horrible menstrual cramp. It makes me want to put a heating pad on and curl up in a corner with ten Midol tablets. I'm going to distract myself by writing some thank you cards. . . but damn. Ow. I hope this pain is because something is getting started.

Question for anyone who knows: Can you have a labor pain related contraction that hurts like HELL but your uterus is still soft? I'm having this pain and its coming and going in intervals but the uterus is not necessarily always hard.


Please let this pain have a good end result of labor beginning. PleasePleasePlease.

**For one hour the pain came and went, some points was so painful I couldn't walk or talk properly, but now, its gone. I still feel like I'm on my period, but not in a painful way like earlier. This is exhausting and I must say despite sounding like a wimp, that the pain I felt was SCARY.


  1. i didn't necessarily notice my uterus getting harder when i went into labor, but i knew i was having contractions because it was like really bad menstrual cramps coming and going ever seven to eight minutes or so. a lot of people feel like they have to go to the bathroom when they go into labor because of the pressure from the baby's head.

  2. It wouldn't hurt to call your OB's on-call line, I know you have an appt tomorrow but some of what I have been reading lately said cramp-like pain in the lower ab might be a reason to check in with them.