Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pregnancy Girth

Today after a blessedly uneventful MFM visit, the doc said, see you next week unless you have the baby! One can hope but I don't think he's coming out anytime soon. Though I was having frequent contractions that got me giddy with hope, they've gone down in frequency considerably. I feel like the annoying kid in the back of the car Is it time? Now? Are we there yet? What about now? Um, okay, maybe now?

The thing is, I feel like a whale. Yes in the size department, but more so in the, unable-to-move-well-on-land department. My confidence was much helped today by a lovely sales clerk at the grocery store. Wow, she said with wide eyes, you are huge! I smiled politely. I mean it! Are you overdue? That is one gigantic baby you got in there! Golleee! I just stared at her. Granted, she's taking liberties discussing my largeness because I'm pregnant (I hope!) but you know what? Its hurtful to be called ginormous [even if you are].

Speaking of being huge, that is one thing that makes me sad about this pregnancy ending. I've kind of enjoyed not feeling concerned about my weight. Like most people raised in Western society (or its influence) I have striven for thin my whole life. I have judged myself by the size of my jeans and eaten a slice of cake only to feel horrible afterward vowing to remain on Atkins until I'm 70. Today Jack said to me Pregnancy has made you so much less self-conscious. You seem so much more confident. He's right. It's been nice to not hate my body but instead, pat my roundness and feel proud of my expanding curves. But once Sunflower arrives, this changes. We're going to have a ceremony honoring his arrival in July and then in December my cousin is getting married. The pressure to lose weight for these events and get the 'wow you just had a baby? Can't tell!' will be high and I'm already not looking forward to that. Oh well.

Also, thanks for your insight into the last post about the future of this blog. A post on that is forthcoming- that is, unless this baby makes his way out before then! pleasepleaseplease!


  1. If you're breastfeeding, you can't diet anyhow, at least I don't think so. So you've got a good excuse for a number of months yet!

  2. i'm glad you're feeling good about your curves and if you're breastfeeding you may not need to diet, sometimes the weight just drops off of women who breastfeed, i hope you get to be one of them!

  3. Yeah, it will be a while before you can think about dieting. Weight has been on my mind as well...not as much as having this baby but still.

    Breastfeeding eats 500 calories a day. So, you might not need to diet.

    My fear is that once I know I can eat what I want....that I am going to EAT EVERYTHING. I am so SICK of this diet it is not even funny.

    It is kind of fun to think about which one of us will go first, but I am pretty confident it will be you!! I really haven't had too many BH, just period-like cramps. I don't even think I have lost my plug yet. I know I have the "It's your second baby" thing going for me but that was a long time ago!! My doc said he isn't inducing me until 40 weeks and that is only if my cervix is ripe. So who knows...if my cervix isn't ripe, I am just going to hang in there and wait until it is.

    I belong to WEBMD Pregnant after infertility boards and my friend who is a couple of days overdue said her doctor told her since her cervix isn't ripe at all he is doing a Cesarean on her tomorrow. I don't quite understand why they aren't going to try to induce or wait until the cervix is ready? Has your doctor said anything to you about this?

  4. *That is if you are breastfeeding*

  5. I totally understand the wanting your body back!!
    People lose the filter between their brains and mouths around pregnant women! The funny thing is that its usually women who make the hurtful comments!

  6. You know very well how many idiots there are around, you can get proof of that every day. Stop worrying about what every clueless moron says without thinking (thinking is not exactly a popular sport anyway).
    You will see how it goes with losing the pounds once Sunflower is here. Don't put any more pressure on yourself - taking care of a newborn should be quite enough on your plate, sort of speaking. ;-)