Friday, March 26, 2010

34 weeks

34 weeks! 42 days to go. Six weeks to due date. Three weeks to full term. What's been happening?
  • I creak. Literally. When I sleep on my side I can feel my pelvic bones and legs making crackly noises. Since last night, I have a hard time walking come evening. My hips and pelvic area literally hurt as I walk. It hurts so much I can't put on pants standing up because bending hurts. It hurts to take the stairs. Has this happened to you?
  • I'm also winded after a casual stroll. I plan to shed the 40 pounds I've gained during pregnancy but this wimpy behavior is troubling.
  • The ute continues to grow, any day now it will need to apply for its own zip code.
  • The uterus is also tightening here and there. I began recording them today and throughout the course of the day I had 9 instances of tightening. About once or twice per hour. Is this normal? Does it mean I have a higher chance of going into labor before my due date?
  • I had a 'Murgdan' moment when she saw the OJ expiration date was her son's due date. I just bought OJ expiring May 14th, a week past the due date. Reminds me how soon its all happening (and how long OJ stays fresh). Next up: Milk expiration watch!
  • My family is coming into town for the weekend. I told my mom I'd pick my brother up from the airport and she sounded confused asking are you still allowed to drive? Now I'm confused. Will there come a time in this pregnancy that I won't be able to drive?
  • My parent's minivan will bring home our crib and glider! So excited to see them (my family, not the furniture) that I'm in full baking frenzy, none of which I can eat but. . .
  • Speaking of sugar, my blood sugar is slowly climbing up each day. I haven't been overeating but the same foods I could once eat safely are now taking me dangerously to the edge of 'normal'. I hope I don't need to go on insulin.
  • I just got a onesie hand embroidered with Sunflower's name but I got a 0-3 month Gerber onesie. I measured it against other 0-3 month onesies and its ridiculously smaller. If you order Gerber clothes just know they run very small. There's a chance if little dude becomes a GD giganto baby he won't even fit into his going home outfit, but still, its cute.
  • But I am SO happy with the receiving blanket I ordered from Etsy. It was a splurge for me at $30 but the quality is great and it'll be my special 'when guests come a'knockin' baby blanket [plus the vendor is great to work with]:
  • I'm still lotioning despite the presence of the stretch marks. Today as I was driving I saw a remarkable likeness to the happenings bellow my belly button:
Henceforth said stretchmarks will be lovingly referred to as Spaghetti Junction.


  1. hey i creak walking up stairs and I'm not even knocked up!
    What you are feeling is braxton hicks and no, it doesnt mean your baby will come early. Some ppl have lots of them, some not many at all.

    I shall stay tuned for milk watch 2010. How exciting :)

  2. Yes I creaked. I still do! LOL! You sound perfectly normal, try not to worry. You had me laughing with the Spaghetti Junction Picture and comments. Relax, have a great weekend!


  3. Um, sorry for the creaks, GD no longer friendly food and spaghetti junction. On the bright side, there are only 42 days to go, so hang on. ;-)
    I do not know about the States, but in Europe you can drive as long as you are comfy, still the seat belt needs to be on. I guess it's the same all over. If you can, drive.

  4. Everything you are feeling is totally normal! With me and twins it's all magnified, I can't get out of bed without grabbing onto something and trying to take a couple of steps. I look like a huge Bambi learning to walk lol!

    And don't feel like a wimp getting winded walking. I am exhausted after taking a shower!

  5. Yes, I hurt, lol. My little one has moved head down and wowsa. My pubic bone hurts, my hips hurt, and my back hurts!! He feels so heavy sometimes it is all I can do to walk. And when he decids to be "active" OMG, I am afraid he is going to kick my hip back out of alignment.


    Actually my mother when she was pregnant with twins literally could not fit behind the steering wheel to drive, lol. So, I think that is the only "restriction" to driving whether you can fit or not or if you are on bedrest.

    My sugars go up to borderline a lot but my counselor told me not to worry about it. She said as long as they aren't going over and if they DO go over are they coming back down within 2 hours?

    Today is the first day my bs was up in the morning...118 yikes. I didn't sleep and I ate a snack last night at 3ish. I don't know what else would have caused it.

    Enjoy your family this weekend! I am having my shower Saturday.

  6. i had the pain in my hips toward the end too, your body releases a hormone to help the ligaments stretch out in preperation for the birth...
    and being winded is not just due to weight gain, your lungs have far less room to expand with the baby taking up so much room, i literally could barely breathe at the end and i only gained ten pounds. i didn't have any of the tightening you mentioned (at least not that i noticed) but it sounds like braxton hicks, just your body practicing contractions, it doesn't mean you'll go into labor early, it's totally normal :)

  7. I swear that I get winded any more just trying to roll over in bed at night! Not fun.

    I've never heard of anybody not being allowed to drive during pregnancy except for bedrest type issues. The ability to fit behind your steering wheel is another story entirely!

  8. I ended up with an aching sympysis pubis that hurt when I walked or climbed stairs right at the end.
    Can't believe you're at 34 weeks! So close to the happy end that you deserve. It's totally normal to have the braxton-hicks. Remember, I had them from 16 weeks, sometimes as many as 6-7 an hour, and my cervix eventually made it to 1-2cm dilated by 41 weeks. I don't think it means you'll have any preterm labour!
    Sorry to read about your stay-at-home angst and conflict with DH. I'm going back to work at 3 months, partly because I earn a lot more than DH and we have a gigantic morgage to pay off, partly because I'm scared I'll lose my skills if I stay away longer, and partly because I think I'd go nuts without adult contact/adult timee at work. I'm hoping it'll make me that much more excited to be around her when I'm home.

  9. I hope to one day "feel your pain." I must say, I laughed out loud at the OJ/milk expiration comment. That sounds JUST like me! I remember when DH and I were engaged, I would point those things out to him about our wedding date...then, on the news it was on the calendar for the 7-day forecast. Such fun times!

    Happy ICLW (#141)

  10. I love this post! You totally cracked me up! :) Thanks for the smile!

  11. I can so relate to the hip hurt.I wake up every hour and have to roll over because of the ache in my hips.I guess the waking up bit is good practice for when little one arrives:)but a good nights sleep sure would be nice for the next 6 weeks.

  12. 34 weeks! How exciting! You are in the home stretch...almost there! Can you believe it?

    Honestly, it's been so long, I hardly remember how I felt in my last trimester. I was tired. Sleeping wasn't my friend. And I around week 38 I got really, really ready for her to be out (lucky me we went 10 days past due date!). When he gets here, you'll be glad to meet him and glad he's out for sure!

  13. Don't worry about getting winded -- it's a sign that sunflower is crushing your lungs and not that you are out of shape. Seriously I can hardly breathe these days, just having a conversation leaves me winded. I sleep with those Breathe Right strips every night just to get enough oxygen to relax. Same thing happened with Bean.

    You should be able to drive your whole pregnancy, no worries. Just don't drive yourself to the hospital when you go into labor. :)

  14. lol what a cute post, and as I JUST found out I am expecting mine own little Sprout, it's a great peek at what's to come!

    I hope that Sunflower stays put till his due date and can fit into his homecoming outfit! :)

    ICLW #134