Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jack is nesting

I thought I've been running around like a frantic bird because of hormones. Maybe its a bad case of couvades syndrome, but Jack- it seems he is nesting too. On Saturday I got out of the shower to find him vacuuming behind the sofas. Sunday I woke to find he had removed all the petals from our ceiling fan and was scrubbing them with bleach. We had a carpet salesman come by yesterday to give an estimate and suddenly he's researching carpenters on Craigslist. You have to know Jack and how much, ahem, prodding, he needs to put his plate in the sink to know how peculiar this is. Granted its still tough to buy things with him since you can see the anxiety pass over his face when we do, but in all other respects I wouldn't be surprised to walk in to find him baking cookies or something in a new york minute. And speaking of cookies, I have somehow been able to suppress my sweet tooth since getting GD but I saw a commercial for softserve ice cream and now I'm craving it like crack. I heard there's a McD's in the lobby of where I'll deliver so methinks that will be the first thing I eat post-delivery.


  1. I don't feel like I am nesting yet per say. I am having to clean because the shower is here this weekend, and so I also feel like I need to organize the nursery so that I can find places to put gifts from my shower this weekend. Of course my DH is helping, probably doing most of the work.

    But, so far as that "nesting" feeling, I don't have it yet. I do remember getting it with my son though. I couldn't stop cleaning and organizing and just felt so impatient for him to get here.

    You know you can have sugar right? You just need to count the carbs. I eat a Snicker's ice cream bar every night and believe it or not it is only 1 carb (granted most ice cream has a lot of carbs), plus I eat 3 cups of popcorn and all that only comes to 2 carbs which is my allotment for my evening snack.

  2. i can relate...my huz is suddenly all about projects and organizing and on and on. it's cute and annoying at the same time!

  3. And DARN that Micky D's in the cafeteria...I eat a soft serve most every afternoon (well, at least when I was there in the afternoons before going to half days). I don't say that to tempt you...just to reassure you that the McDonald's is there and you're wish will be fulfilled. ;-)

  4. I know all diabetic dieticians say things differently but mine told me that I could have sugar that it was the carbs that mattered. Of course she said I had to limit it and eat more fruit and good stuff, but having an icecream or a gourmet coffee is allowed according to her.

    Also according to her diabetics can eat what nondiabetics can eat, only in moderation. Of course simple white carbs cause my sugar to rise more allowing me to eat less.

    Apparently my OB and dietician are lenient on me and I am so glad ;). This diet is hard to swallow sometimes. I feel like I want to cry if I have to eat another egg for breakfast. I really, really, really miss my cereal.

    Also, it was advised to me that if I was going to eat something different like an icecream or whatever to go ahead and test and see what it does to my sugar. For the most part mine is fine. Mine seems to rise when I am stressed or when I go out running around. It goes up everytime!

    Take it easy and experiment on yourself! ;) Your sugar might be just fine.