Friday, March 12, 2010

32 Weeks

32 weeks! At this stage Sunflower has a 98% chance of survival and a reduced risk of serious long term disabilities. I would do a happy dance except I'd likely end up doing a happy duck waddle which is decidedly uncool.

I'm giddy about next week. The painting and other work around the house will hopefully be done by Monday, and then I have my 32 week checkups! I get to see my real OB not the Cinderella-esque step-OB's I've been rotating with for the past few months. I have a list of questions ten miles long to ask her. I'm impatiently awaiting the MFM appointment so I can see little dude again. I hope he is still in his locked and loaded head-down position he's been in since week 16 and hopefully I'll be told he does not weigh ten pounds thanks to GD.

Thanks for your encouragement in my previous post to start buying things. Today, I finally did. I ordered a car seat and stroller frame and Saturday we are seriously considering buying the crib. I ordered a sling too but apparently it can suffocate your baby? So now I'm not sure what to do. I'm now seeing the practical side of having a baby shower. I wish I hadn't so adamantly said no to my friends in the past because now I get it. The one friend who offered who I'd be comfortable back peddling with saying, um you know how I said I didn't want one, well now I do? is currently in the middle of bad marital issues, so not exactly good timing. Oh well. We're being careful with our purchases and making sure to buy good but affordable things (Amazon way cheaper than brick-n-mortar stores btw). My mom is giving us a generous amount that will help us buy the crib and all crib related things plus a pack-n-play. And maybe we'll get some gift cards post-baby that at least can offset the cost of diapers and other necessities that will surely continue to arise.

I got a call today from my cousin asking when she can buy tickets to come for two weeks after the baby. My mom is putting in her vacation request tomorrow. And I'm buying stuff. This is becoming real. As real as the little butt that is currently wiggling against the top of my uterus right now. I know I've been pregnant for 32 weeks, but its today that the giddy is hitting, the omigod the nursery is totally going to be monkey themed, the why haven't I signed up for birthing classes? OMG a baby is going to come out of where?!?

Yep, its finally hitting- and I am so thankful.


  1. Happy 32 Weeks!!
    I'm all about babywearing, but I never liked the slings where babies curl up mostly because my kids hated them and i found them uncomfortable. I would suggest a babywrap or a mei tai that you can have them in for years!

  2. Yes a baby is going to come out of there! :) So so happy for you - it is all finally finally real and happening x

  3. It's only the bag type slings that are dangerous. I got a Moby wrap and a Baby Bjorn...not that I've used either one. Here's a website about another type of sling that looks cool, and about safety, etc...

  4. Congrats on 32 weeks!! Such a surreal feeling got that right. A baby is coming out of where? lol.

    I hope you do have a baby shower from someone!! If not, I am sure you will get plenty after the baby is born, but that isn't the same!!

    I'm off to post my 32 week post, lol. ;)

  5. I remember that feeling of "this might actually happen!" so well, and I'm so happy you're experiencing it! Try not to worry too much about the "stuff." Honestly, a car seat and somewhere for baby to sleep is all you really *need* ;) We bought a cheap-o crib and are just usuing mix-matched old bedroom furniture and I'm sure it will work out fine! And, fwiw, I'm sure all those who care about you will be bringing/ sending gifts regardless. . . maybe even consider registering under the guise of using it for the completion coupon just in case anyone asks :)

    So excited for you!

  6. I'm so glad that the giddy has arrived! You deserve it. And I'll be interested to see what you decide to invest in and what you decide to pass on. There's SO MUCH STUFF out there, and so little NYC space to put it in...

    Can't wait to hear about your MFM appointment. HOpe you get a great picture!

  7. *squeeee!!* I can't help it, I'm so excited for you! I love hearing about it! I can't wait to get excited with my mama and friends, too!!

  8. Glad to hear the excitement in your post!
    I have one of those pouch-sling things (from Infantino no less), the very one the hype is about. But the other types like the Moby wrap or Mei Tai should be fine. Really, I think you just have to be vigilant and be sure that the baby doesn't end up with its head curled over with chin tight to chest, and they'll be fine. My Moby wrap is packed for the hospital even, in case I want to get up and walking (or want to take the subway home after delivery). OK, I'll admit it, I just love the feel of the fabric and want to try it out asap.

  9. You should make an baby registry (if you haven't already) and share the link with us! I'd love to be able to help you and Jack out with some stuff for baby Sunflower!

  10. we registered for an eddie bauer sling which we got but i couldn't try it until a couple of weeks ago (because of the c-section) and at that point i really didn't like the way it held louise, it seemed like it made her curve around my hip awkwardly so i got a baby bjorn last week and we LOVE it, it's awesome.

    that's just the basic black one but you can get them in all sorts of fancy colors too, ours is green and super cute.

    i'm so glad you've decided to start buying things and planning visits, i know it's hard to make the leap but once you do the water's nice and warm!

  11. well that was sweet of you, i actually changed our address on the registry because we were still getting stuff. i would like to send you something too, you didn't register though did you? maybe you can email me your address?

  12. It's so heart-warming to see you finally reach this stage of joyful anticipation. Happy 32 weeks! You are really and truly almost there. *hugs*

  13. HOORAY!!!! I am super excited for you... what an adventure you are about to have. Can't wait to follow the journey. :)

    I am big into babywearing -- I have 7 different carriers. Bean never wanted to be put down, and they were absolute lifesavers. I highly recommend a Moby Wrap for the newborn/infant stage. I used my slings more for the hip carry position once he was 4+ months old.

    A soft-structured carrier (like the Calyx from Mama by Design) and a mei tai (like Babyhawk) also kick butt. Lots of my friends like their Ergos, but I guess I like to be different and get something else. I spent hours researching on before picking out my carriers -- they have a rating section that is super helpful!

  14. i'm so glad you're having fun and getting giddy!

    as for babywearing, i'm hoping to do a lot of it myself. i ordered a water wrap from which will enable me to have a shower with our little newbie rather than waiting for the huz to get home...and swim together when she's a little older!

    also, i know someone above commented that they love their bjorn, but i personally do not like that carrier at all (i've gotten lots of experience using them in my nanny days)...if you have any lower back issues, you might want to consider another carrier. the baby bjorn kills my back. i have an ergo and a moby wrap....will let you know how they work in a few weeks! okay, more likely in several weeks. :)

  15. Sooo excited for you!
    Yay for milestones! Especially these :)
    I still remember when my family was going to paint the nursery -- I finally agreed to allow long as they promised to paint it back if things "didn't work out".
    It's so hard to make that choice, I know! But ENJOY the selection and acquisition of things for your little one :) You deserve to enjoy it!

  16. K--no my doctor has not said anything about 2 readings being up and putting me on insulin. I don't really know what their criteria is for insulin bound but I hope it isn't 2 readings!!

    I just know that when I over-do it and then don't sleep on top of it that they spike up, every time no matter what I eat.

    So aggravating. I am trying to keep them down today but then of course I had a hair appointment that ran 3 hours so I wasn' t able to test after 1 hour of eating breakfast and was not able to eat my snack!! Grr. And I really want to go to sleep and worry with this stuff today!!

  17. *not* worry about this stuff today is what I meant, lol.

  18. Yay - so glad to hear things are well!