Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh Baby

Apparently I''m not the only one who thinks I swallowed Jupiter. My step-OB today had a gentle talk with me about my ahem, weight gain. I've officially gained 40 pounds, up 3 pounds from two weeks ago. My belly is measuring two weeks ahead and step-OB predicts I'll be having an 8+ lb baby. Keep the tags on your baby clothes, he said. When I laughed, he looked at me sternly, I'm not kidding. Yikes. Am I seriously in danger of birthing a baby so large he won't fit into 0-3 month clothes?! [Speaking of clothes- I found the cutest baby boy clothes at bargain prices at The Children's Place outlet today. If you're having a boy you must check it out $3 plaid shorts that will make you turn to mush!]

I told him my numbers are within range though higher than they once were. He said I need to be stricter on eating low-cal food and cutting out potatoes and toast entirely despite the lack of effect it has on my sugar levels. I love little guy no matter how little or big he is, but the thought of birthing a toddler does terrify me. Here's hoping a diet change can help keep Sunflower growing as he should.


  1. ha! funny, louise is eight weeks old and still doesn't quite fit into her 0-3 month clothes!! actually her newborn clothes were too big when she was born. i think you will have a nice normal healthy sized baby :)

  2. i wouldn't put too much stress on yourself (though birthing a toddler does sound frightening!)....and i hope you don't turn to low fat foods, b/c you and your baby need healthy fats to grow his brain and to help you keep yours...this means fish oil and cod liver oil, butter, can check out the brewer diet for more info, but low fat diets are not going to help you in the long run...although this is usually the quickest way to reduce calories, we need our fats for healthy cells! :)

    also, remember that doctors are often "off" on the weight when it comes to delivery, so even though he may be right on target, he might be off, too...even with ultrasound the measurements are subjective (though not always wrong, of course) depending on the person running the machine.

    all in all, i urge you to trust yourself first and foremost and your intuition about what you and your baby need most. but then you already know this is my bias! :)

  3. thanks katery and Lilly!

    Lilly, Jack said the same thing to me. He reminded me that this is the same step-OB who misdiagnosed me with having bacterial vaginosis. This prediction was not based on ultrasound it was based on measuring my fundal height. I hope that he IS indeed wrong. I'm going to do some more reading on this. I'm NOT eating ice cream, cookies, or anything, just healthy meats, proteins, nuts, oils, etc.

  4. My boy was 8 lbs 4 ounces and wore "newborn" for about 2 weeks but wore the 0-3 months for 2 months at least. And he gained weight well! You'll still be able to use those clothes!

  5. Ah OBs in the US drive me MENTAL! There is no need to panic over how much weight you gain. Did you know they dont even weigh us out here?

    I gained over 60, yes 60LBS with my first pregnancy. He was a big boy, yes, but so was Monster (8lb 9oz and 8lb 3oz respectively) As I said I gained 60+ with Rocket and less than 20lbs with Monster. And they were almost the same size.

    It means NOTHING about the size of your baby. More weight gain can be harder to lose, but I lost the 60+lbs within 9 months so it wasnt the end of the world!

    As long as you arent binging on takeout and chocolates 24/7, you AND YOUR BABY will be FINE :)

    Ignore your OB. Listen to me :)

  6. and i just read your comment here about taking it off your fundal height and LAUGHED OUT LOUD. Fundal height means less than nothing in my opinion.

    My fundal height in my starbaby is how they convinced me he was growing. It was even ahead some weeks.

    At full term he weighed THREE POUNDS.

    And my new OB said "hmm yes, fundal height is only a good representation in a small number of women. Its used too often to guage size of baby. Its not accurate".

    Again I say - ignore your OB, listen to me ;)

  7. I agree with the others, take all this "advice" from the OB with a grain of salt.

    FWIW, my son was 9 lbs 14 oz and he still wore 0-3 month clothes for a couple of months. He was a chunker, but it's not like he was super tall or anything.

  8. No offense, but pooey on your OB. I gained over 60 pounds with my son and everyone said I was going to have this HUGE MONSTER baby and he came out 6 lbs and 12 oz.

    Your pregnant for God's sake and he wants you to cut out all the good food? Give me a break!! LIke it isn't bad enough you are having to deal with GD?

    Some woman just gain a lot while pregnant and personally I think it is normal for them.

    I believe the baby is going to be as big as he wants to be whether you are eating potatoes or bread. Just as long as your sugar is under control, I would not worry about it.

    Some OBs are way to "tough" on their patients about weight gain. Your body is doing what it wants to do. I mean yes, don't eat 20 cheeseburgers a day or a whole bag of Doritoes or a whole gallon of Icecream. You know what I mean.

  9. You got to love the weight gain talk with the OB. So encouraging!!! haha

  10. Ohhh lord....I am only 16 weeks pregnant...and birthing a toddler sounds soo scarrrry to me! BUT 40lbs doesn't seem like a lot! I mean...most women I know gained 50! But the "recommended" amount is 25-30....but that is for the "average" women...and trust me...I AM NOT AVERAGE! Good luck lady!!!

  11. I have to say, SS was 8lb15oz (we'll round up to 9lbs to make it easy), and she fit into her 0-3 months clothes just fine. And they lose some of the weight at first, and they don't grow that fast. I wouldn't stress too much about the clothes.

    As for the baby being so big, everyone is different so it's hard to say what it will be like for you to birth a large baby. What I can tell you is my own experience wasn't the horror show everyone else talks about. I had a 9lb baby, delivered sunny side up mind you, and other than the tearing (I still get shivers thinking about recovering from those tears), it wasn't so bad. I guess since I'd never had a baby before, I wouldn't know the difference, right?

    That said, docs today are so quick to run to csections that I wouldn't give them any excuse. And a 9lb baby is a lot different than a 10lb baby (omg, can you imagine?), so I'd follow doc's orders just in case...

    But 40lbs is in the realm of norm for most women isn't it? And you'll lose so much of it when the baby is born!

  12. Don't worry too much about the clothes yet. Jillian was 8 lbs 2 oz, and the 0-3 month sizes were too big for the first few weeks of her life. So we did get some use out of the newborn sizes.

  13. If it makes you feel any better, J is now 9 1/2 lb and she's in 0-3 month clothing and it's big on her. :) Plus, L was 8+ at birth and her newborn outfit was still big on her. I think you'll be fine I just wouldn't buy a ton of NB stuff, but I wouldn't buy a lot of NB stuff anyway since they out grow it so quickly! ;)

  14. MY MIL gained 60lbs with hubs and he was 7lbs... Dont sweat it. It's the only time that you re really able to put on weight and not mind (too much).