Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bye Bye Lovenox and. . . aspirin?

In about a week I say goodbye to Lovenox. The drug that despite taking daily for months on end still hurts like I'm injecting fire through my bloodstream. I'm glad I'm so far along its almost time to stop but I'm not looking forward to switching to heparin which I will take twice daily and must measure myself. In addition to lovenox I take a daily dose of baby aspirin. I've asked each doctor I see when to stop and each doctor defers to the other. When I finally realized the circle of "ask your mom" "ask your dad" they each gave me different end dates (1) stop now and (2) stop at 36 weeks (3) Feel free to take until delivery. I thought I'd ask y'all if you have taken baby aspirin at what point did you stop taking it? And, is Heparin. . . not so bad? Does taking it mean I'll have extra wires when I go into labor, or is it really not that big of a deal?


  1. Hmm, I take aspirin and my cardiologist told me to take it indefinitely or stop the last week of pregnancy. My OB hasn't told me either way. I am kind of scared to stop taking it so I might just keep right on forever. I am just a tad worried about bleeding since it has really thinned my blood pretty good.

    I will let you know what my OB says when I ask him or he tells me.

  2. My directions on the baby aspirin are to take it up to delivery and beyond. All three docs (MFM, OB and Rheumatologist) are in agreement on this one.

    Also, my insurance wouldn't approve the lovenox so I've been Heparin since day 1. It doesn't really sting going in, unless I've hit a bleeder. The bigger and more full of blood vessels my belly gets, the more often I 1) spring a bloody leak and 2) get stung. But, it still stings way less than most other things I've injected (about the same as Ovidrel). The measuring isn't that bad either. I even sometimes pre-fill a handful of syringes for times when I'm too lazy to measure or will have to shoot up on the run.

  3. My RE told me to take it until 32 weeks. Everyone else just seems to shrug their shoulders like, "What? You're on aspirin?". I stopped a few weeks ago, and all seems well so far.

    I don't like stopping though. I was put on it for cardiovascular reasons in the first place.

  4. I didn't do heparin or lovenox (only one mutation of MTHFR and dx with LPD which caused RPL). I did baby aspirin for MTHFR/RPL thru and after delivery with all docs (RE,OB,MFM) agreeing. (Even with a partial abruption with my first baby and no aspirin).

    It worked...no complications (besides the beginning of preeclampsia which I also had in the first pregnancy).

  5. I did low-dose aspirin until about 1 week before my EDD. Good luck!

  6. I took my aspirin up until delivery. I was supposed to stop the Heparin a week before my son was born, but I was too afraid with my history that something bad would happen. I took my last shot Saturday night and he was born Monday afternoon. No Heparin or aspirin while I was in the hospital.

    I didn't have any more monitoring or anything with the Heparin. I think maybe I had more bleeding right after, but nothing my Dr was concerned about. Good luck!