Sunday, March 14, 2010

Buying and Babies

We did it. We bought the crib. We're waiting for my parents to visit in two weeks so we can fit it in their minivan but the deed is done. We were suspicious as to why a crib that purportedly retailed for $600+ was going for $200 but the salesman said a) Berg is getting out of the crib business and dumping remaining inventory and b) This crib was part of a raffle for Georgia Baby's store re-opening and no one won. Neither point seemed enough to walk away from a well made $200 crib with excellent ratings so now, its ours. Wow. Our infant car seat arrived today as well. So if he came tomorrow we have a means to take him home and a place to put him to sleep (And we want to buy a foam mattress but they cost almost as much as as our crib!?!)

Some of you pointed out that though I won't have a baby shower, friends may want to give gifts when they come visit the baby, so I made a gift registry. Wow you can go silly clicking things you think you need. I made sure to pick things that wouldn't be urgent before the baby comes stuff, but instead other things that I plan to get but if baby came tomorrow he wouldn't stare at me in horror at my incompetent parenting skills if I didn't have them on hand.

But speaking of stuff, what does a baby need? I now have a place for him to sleep, and a means to be transported. Those aer needs but there's a lot out there they don't need despite how they're marketed. If a baby arrived tomorrow, what would he absolutely not be able to do without?

And- Random- but- when do people get a hospital bag ready?

AND Ms. Bluebird and Lisa had their babies! So so happy for them! I hope the births of their babies will inspire Kate's little one to make her grand entrance before Pitocin must play a part!


  1. I'm glad you got the crib... one step closer to Mr. Sunflower being here. My Mom tells the story of when they got the call to come pick me up from the hospital (I'm adopted) that she called her best friend, and took her shopping to get everything she needed. She said it was a good thing, because 1/2 the stuff she used in the first week she wouldn't have thought to buy! Sorry I can't give you any ideas though.

  2. Congratulations! So exciting :)

  3. Congratulations on the crib! Sounds like a screaming awesome deal. Good shopping, mama.

    I am reading Jenn's reply and struggling to remember what I used in Bean's first week. Because my first reaction was to say that the baby doesn't really "need" much right away. Clothes, diapers, wipes, A&D ointment, Desitin, diaper pail, blankets, car seat, stroller. I guess bath stuff too: gentle soap, wash cloths, towel, baby bath. Really they just eat, sleep, poop, and cry for a while! If I think of something I'll comment again.

    Where are you going to have the baby sleep immediately? Sometimes newborns won't sleep in the crib... they are used to a warm snuggly womb, and so a cold, quiet, open crib isn't comfortable for them. Which is why we ended up co-sleeping with our son for a while, it was the only way we'd all get shut-eye! This time we are borrowing an Arm's Reach Co-sleeper from a friend. It will go next to our bed so I can grab a kid and breastfeed without having to get up. Something to consider!

  4. so glad you got the crib, especially at that price, sheesh! you NEED lots of pajamas with feet that also have cuffs that roll over the hands, it is still pretty much all that louise wears. i want her to be comfortable and babies like to scratch their faces up with their little razor blade fingernails. also some onesies with cuffs, a few pairs of pants and some socks. louise could only wear pants with feet for about a month because i didn't want her feet to get cold and her socks were too big since she was on the small side. we also use disposable changing pads religously, we put them over our regular changing pad on our changing table because sometimes she likes to pee and/or poop while being changed, maybe once every three days, so it saves a big mess. swaddle blankets are important but you don't need a million of those, you can use the same one for several days so i would say five is enough. burp clothes, we go thorough A LOT because louise started spitting up a lot when she was about 4-5 weeks old. boppy pillow with two slipcovers so you can always have one on even if the other's in the wash. definitely diapers... ummmmmm... i'll let you know if i think of anything else you must have. can you email me your address or a link to your registry maybe?

  5. oh yes, definitely a co-sleeper, you will want sunflower in your room with you for a while, we got a travel crib for this purpose, but this what i wish we had gotten instead...

    and a swing!! you must have a swing, swings are life/sleep savers.

  6. You def. need some clothes, diapers, wipes, butt creame, baby wash. If you are breast feeding you will need nipple creame, at least a hand-held pump (in case of latch issues) nursing bras, nursing pads, a nursing pillow, bottles (just in case) formula just in case. Stuff like that!! A car seat (check) thermometer, baby Tylenol, diaper bag, powder, grooming and first aide kit.

    I don't know when to pack a hospital bag...I guess anytime in the 8th or 9th month would be good. I was thinking of packing mine soon along with putting the car seat base in the car and having the car seat ready to go just in case of an emergency, just grab and go.

    I will have a bassinet right next to my bed instead of using a crib just yet.

    So as far as essentially I think that is about it. Our grandparents didn't have nearly the stuff we do now!! and my mother did not know she was having twins until after she had us. All her friends got together and gave her an extra crib and clothes and what not but she didnt' have much else, lol.

    We are getting close ;). It is exciting to think about this stuff.

  7. oh yeah, i forgot about nursing stuff, are you nursing? you will definitely need a pump if you are and also nursing pads, nipple cream and gel pads. and whether you are nursing or not you should get the packs that you can freeze for your boobs, because even if your not nursing when your milk comes in you will want them, it almost killed me, but didn't last for too long so don't worry. i also put cold cabbage leaves in my bra when my milk came in and that helped too. i bought a nursing bra one week before i had louise and after i had her it was too small so if you buy one you might want to get it a little big. if you are not nursing you will want a super tight sports bra too.

  8. I'll be sure to update in a week or two about what I actually ended up needing. Got a little hoody towel for bathtime, a changing pad for the top of the dresser, nightgowns with fold-down hand covers (have heard those are better for all the night-time changes, rather than sleepers). I've also heard to look for sleepers with zips rather than snaps, cause snaps are a pain.
    I've been bad and gotten a few cute outfits secondhand, which she'll probably grow out of quickly.
    Baby monitor (got the angelcare, will let you know how it works out), since I'm sure I'll be as paranoid after birth as I've been through the pregnancy.
    Sleep sacs or swaddling blankets.
    We're trying out a cloth diaper service, so I got 3 wipe-outable diaper covers too.
    Haven't bought a pump. Did get a couple cheapie nursing bras at walmart and a couple expensive nursing tanks at some boutiques. Can't believe the girls are going to hit a D-E cup though!
    As for packing the bag, well, ours still isn't totally packed. I have a little suitcase with clothes and stuff for both of us for after. But the rest of the stuff (cameras, hard candies etc) hasn't made it into my backpack yet. And I don't know where I'm going to put the exercise ball and bike pump for it! Will just look like a fool heading into the hospital with that in hand, I guess.
    Congrats on getting such a bargain in the crib! I'll look forward to seeing a photo of it later on.

  9. congrats on the crib! there are so few things that are actally needed compared with how it feels when you enter the baby stores...panic can set in quickly when strolling through those aisles!
    my "essentials" include:
    a bassinette and pack n play w/ bassinette--one for upstairs and one for downstairs. cloth diapers, cloth wipes and wipe warmer, diaper bag, swaddles (kiddopotomus and flannel blankets), pj's with the elastic bottoms which are great because they are cozy, but you don't have to deal with zips or snaps...just slip them up and change the diaper. my babywearing options are also "must haves". and a sleep positioner thingy to have in bed with us when we co-sleep in the beginning...not sure we'll use this, but it makes me feel good to have it.
    i suppose, there's more and every mom and dad think they need different things, but in the end you'll find what's right for you and buy whatever you forget later! :)
    as for getting your bag ready...our baby's bag was ready weeks ago; car seat installed at 37 weeks; birth center bag should be ready, but i have so few clothes that fit comfortably, so i'm waiting a bit on actually packing it, but it should have been packed at 37 weeks...
    holy crap...we are nearing the end! :)

  10. I always waited till the last minute to pack my hospital bag, but then I've been induced all three times so I did have some warning to go home and pack!

    As for the baby needs - honestly - as long as you have some clothes, diapers, blankets, carseat, somewhere to sleep and possibly a sling/wrap or a stroller...then you're all set! You can send your partner out for anything you realise you need!
    We went out when Monster was a few days old to do the baby shopping for anything we missed.