Monday, March 22, 2010


Note to ICLWers, pregnancy mentioned here, the gushy mushy sort that once made me want to hurt small animals [not really- but you get what I mean]

I woke up to a call from a friend who lives far away, due for a C-section today. She called from the hospital bed to tell me about her healthy baby girl born just hours ago. I felt touched she thought of me- and so happy for her good news.

I logged on today and ordered a bouncer from Amazon with a gift card from a dear bloggy friend. I'm touched beyond measure.

Jack and I went out for lunch before the MFM appointment. We talked about the whole friend situation. R behaved rudely based on a misconception, and while it hurts I can at least learn from it and make sure I don't shut people out before knowing where they're coming from. Maybe right now we're experiencing a slight friendship lull, but today I was reminded that we do have people who care for us even if they don't live here. And maybe if we ever find a group of friends here we fully connect with, this lull will help us appreciate them all the more.

As we finished our lunch I noticed an old man having lunch with his daughter. He was hunched over with large glasses texting on a large cell phone. I found it odd such an old man texting so intently. When he got up to leave I saw his face and realized he was not an old man but a teenage boy, emaciated and bald from cancer. The woman I thought his daughter was his mother.

The most sobering perspective of all.

It suddenly felt incredibly foolish to lament the passing of friendships, when in truth I'm blessed to have the friends and support I do. When in truth some friendships are meant to come and go. The things that have made my heart feel heavy this weekend should not do so because as long as I have Jack and I get to see this precious face and be told that all is going smoothly and that he is healthy and well,
then my life is pretty darn spectacular and I have nothing to complain about. Not one single thing.


  1. i love this post!! you are happy, that makes me happy. how did she get you that gift?? i would like to get you something too!

  2. p.s. the picture is amazing.

  3. sweet little face! love his little lips and cheeks....adorable.adorable.adorable.

  4. Thanks Katery, and you're so sweet to offer- I'll send you an e-mail! I know you've asked before- I keep forgetting, sorry!

    lilly, thanks :))))

  5. K- what a beautiful little one!

  6. These type of pictures are just so amazing!

    ~Stopping by for ICLW!

  7. That is an awesome picture. I like your MFM doctor better. Mine just plain out sucks and they take crappy pictures, lol.

    I am glad you are feeling happy about your friends and decisions today ;)

  8. Wow! Way to put things in perspective! I am so very happy for you! You are in the home stretch. Can't wait to follow your journey into motherhood.
    If I've asked this already, I'm asking this again--I would LOVE to feature your success story on my blog and I'm sure my readers would also love to read it! When you get a chance, check out the questions here: Thanks in advance!! Happy ICLW!!

  9. i just got the bottles, thank-you so much, that was so thoughtful of you! and i have your address now so you don't need to send it to me (it was on the packing slip).

  10. Thanks for stopping by and the lotion tip - I've just started using lotion and BioOil twice a day. I hope that it will at least minimize the train wreck that will be my belly at the end of this journey!


  11. Beautiful post and a beautiful pic! I think it helps us a lot sometimes to just step back and see things in perspective. It makes us so much happier!


  12. That is a cool photo, I am amazed at how advanced technology is now!

    (we didn't get the 4d but we were gawking at the u/s image each time we had one)