Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thoughts on unconditional love

I woke this morning to a wiggle
Against my womb
I gently pressed down
He poked a foot up in greeting
And that’s all it took
To make my heart swell with love
This love is unlike any love
I’ve ever experienced
His toes make me giddy
When he hiccups
I sit still in awe
Just his presence is the blessing
The love he receives from me
Is completely unearned
But more powerful than any I’ve known
My father once said
No one will love you like your parents
I bristled at this
But now I’m slowly understanding
I love Jack more than my heart can count
But he started off a stranger,
someone my heart
like a puppy had to sniff out before letting in
But my son
The gates part immediately
He need not show ID
To get inside
He is
And because he exists
I’d lay my life down for him a thousand times over.