Monday, March 15, 2010

Spotting, Inducing, Slings

I've gotten very comfortable in this pregnancy. According to my OB too comfortable. You see, I've been brown spotting all weekend. I didn't mention it because I'm not feeling contractions so surely things are okay? I called today to tell the OB just because it was three days on and they called me in immediately. It worked out since I was due for my 32 week check up anyways. The cervix seems closed and she ordered a fFN test and the MFM will measure my cervix Wednesday to make sure all is well. I got a stern lecture to call when things are wonky since brown spotting is not normal, but in good news on the GD front she's happy with my numbers so I no longer have to test for ketones in the morning and only have to check my blood sugar twice a day. My fingers are pleased.

I told her I really wanted her to deliver my baby. She said thats possible if we induce and she'd be open to inducing me in the 39th or 40th week. I feel since I have GD I'd be induced anyways so why not plan it? Is there some harm in doing this that I'm missing? At the end of the day I just want my baby and want to feel confident in the doctor delivering the baby.

I'm having issues walking lately. I feel like the Tin Man in Oz and my upper right leg by the pelvic area is in need of a good oiling. It seriously feels like it creaks as I walk. Dr. D told me its my belly weight. I dont know. I barely move lately. A painter has been in our house for over a week changing our popcorn ceilings to smooth and painting a few rooms and has essentially turned our house into what looks like twister came through so we're living out of a guest room and are moving as much as slugs do on any given day. Can't wait until he's done. This nesting phenomenen is weird. We've lived in this house for over five years and none of the imperfections bothered me until now. I mean, is Sunflower going to raise his eyes with disgust at popcorn ceilings or scratches on the walls? Very odd.

In purchasing news, I decided to return my Balboa Sling since it looks like the type that the advisory was targeting (and the baby in the picture looks so disturbed!) and I'm considering getting a Moby wrap, but its looking mighty complicated with lots of crossing over and tying. I was the last kindergartner to master the art of shoe tying and that hasn't really improved with time. I really wanted a wrap I could quickly put on to take baby out and about and the Moby looks a bit unweildy. Do any of you use a wrap/sling that you can just kind of toss on when heading out?


  1. i don't have a sling, well i do but i don't like it, we have a baby bjorn and i love it, much better than the sling i think, but we'll see, maybe i'll get a better sling.

  2. Why do you think as a first timer, you'd be induced anyway? That should not be the case at all. Personally, I am anti-induction unless there is a medical need (or if you are two weeks overdue, which is arguably a medical need). The baby will come when the baby wants to come. From what I hear, pitocin contractions are murder, and you are definitely more likely to need a C-section when you induce. (Because if they put you on pitocin but labor is not progressing, you have to go under the knife.) Why not wait until your baby and your body is ready to get the job done? I am not judgey of women who do it -- heck, I am planning a repeat C-section! lol But I am so glad that I went into labor naturally with Bean (at 39+6) because I know he was ready to come out. It was a fun and unique experience waiting for labor to start, not knowing when it would happen. It makes me sad that if we do make it to the C-section this time, I'll be kicking the twins out earlier than I had to. I do understand the desire to have your favorite doctor deliver, but still, IMHO I wouldn't induce.

    Regarding slings, I love my Slinglings ( It is my most-used baby carrier, even with a toddler. No, actually, ESPECIALLY with a toddler. It's perfect for running errands, it fits easily into the diaper bag and you can pop the kid in and out. (I have two: one that I keep at one, and one that I keep in the diaper bag.) I do think you should get a Moby wrap too, though. Once you learn how to do it, which only takes 2-3 practice wraps, it's a lifesaver. If I can do it, anyone can do it. :)

  3. And careful with the Baby Bjorn... they are not really the best ergonomically designed carriers for the munchkins. My LLL group is huge on babywearing, so I learned a lot from them and from I suggest going to that site and reading reviews before you buy something.

    DANG I am a know-it-all today. Sorry for being annoying. :)

  4. I totally agree with what Sunny said. I've done a TON of research about this over the past few months. Getting induced greatly greatly increases your chances of ending up in the OR.

    I ordered both a Moby wrap to use at home because it takes a while to get on, and a Hotslings sling that I can just throw over my shoulder and use in a hurry.

  5. Yikes. No sling advice, just wanted to say - I'm glad you're feeling confident & not worried enough & I'm GLAD nothing was really wrong. Spotting just scares the hell out of me. Fantastic news on the ketone checks, and I'm with you on wanting to know WHO will be helping me deliver. I'm with a solo practitioner (and resigned to waiting up to 2 or 3 hours for EVERY APPOINTMENT SO FAR) in order to have this happen, so I understand your position. Will be interested in what you decide to do!

    (And I hope you'll give feedback on the sling(s) when you start using them. I'm so intrigued, but a bit at a loss because there are so very many of them on the market.

  6. I was a week late with my son when my water broke. I didn't have any contractions nor was I dialated. So, they had to induce me. I did fine, progessed nicely and had a vaginal delivery. Some women's labor does not progress and end up with a Cesarean section either way.

    I was kind of hoping to be induced myself this time around since I live an hour + from the hospital.

    I have a Baby Bjorn and that is all I plan on getting in the way of a carrier, I think.

    I am not spotting but having lots of achies down there.

  7. I LOVE my maetai. Got rid of all my other slings and wear that one instead. Love it!!!

  8. Did my reply to you not post here? GRR! Let me try to remember what I said.

    I'm glad you are going to look more into the induction issue. Getting all the facts is so important! Whatever you decide will be best for you and sunflower, but you really do need to know the pros and cons before you make the call. I still have regrets from Bean's birth stemming from the fact that I was uneducated on the subject, and I don't want you to have the same trouble. :)

    I am wondering about your friends who were induced because of GD. Did they really end up having big babies? Because that's a common problem in the US, the OBs rely on inaccurate ultrasound weight measurements and tell women their babies are too big to birth, so the end up with early inductions or C-sections for what turns out to be a 7 lb baby. And again not judgey -- I was one of the women with a big baby (9 lb 14 oz) and I ended up with a C-section after 3 hours of pushing, which sucked. Just something else to include in your research. :)

    Regarding the sling, unfortunately I didn't use it with Bean has a newborn so I can't comment on that. He was still an infant but could be held in a hip-carry position (5 months old?). I used my Moby in those first months. I plan on doing the same thing with the twins. I bet there are reviews on that you can read that would give some opinions about using the Slingling with an infant.

    Good luck in all your big decisions! :)

  9. All three of my boys were induced. All were born with NO complications. My OB is the head of OB in my state and he believes inducing at 39 weeks is pretty much the ideal (I know many wont agree with me but I have my reasons for agreeing with him)

    As for the slings - I actually make a wrap similar to the Moby. It is incredibly simple once you know how to tie it on, and the MOST comfortable thing to wear. My 1 year old is carried in in comfortably and I have really bad back and neck issues and it is the most comfortable thing. I cant recommend wrap slings highly enough.

    If you are stuck I am happy to forward you some step by step instructions on easy tying :)

  10. I wanted to comment on a couple of things too! I am a NICU nurse, and induction isn't necessarily bad if your cervix is ready, however, if it isn't, and you do get induced, there is a higher likelihood of complications. I won't list them here because I'm not trying to freak you out, but yes, there is a higher risk for c-section, as well as the baby getting stressed. It is something to consider however if your cervix is showing signs of change. I will say that I really wanted my OB to deliver me as well, and when it came down to it, her partner delivered me, a woman I had never seen once during my pregnancy or since, but she was great, and to be honest, when it comes down to it and you're in the throws of labor, it really doesn't matter, I promise.

    On the slings thing, I never had a sling, but I did have a baby bjorn that I loved, and when our son got a little older, I discovered ergobaby carriers, and I LOVE it. You can purchase the infant insert so you can use it with an infant, and for someone like me with back problems, it has been a godsend. Our son is 3 and still loves to be carried, and I can tell you that last year we did the March of Dimes walk which was 5 miles around Baltimore City, in the pouring rain. He slept the entire walk, little devil! He loves it and so do I.

    Good luck!

  11. I got a Moby, but due to my utter lack of coordination it did not work well for me. So now I'm trying to sell it (want one for $20???). This time around I'm trying a hotsling. I'll let you know how it goes!

  12. Jen, yes! I'll buy it for $20! I can't find your e-mail address but if you can e-mail me!

  13. Hey there,
    I was a "water broke, given pitocin because it wasn't moving along fast enough" kind of delivery. It was long, hard and this time around I'll avoid pitocin like the plague.

    I do agree that for some it works out great, but if you want to go naturally and avoid epidurals pitocin makes it much much harder.

    As far as slings,etc. My husband always points out the fact that once our daughter was about two months old the bjorn wasn't great. She was a chunker baby and we could never get the bjorn to stay more centered on the chest area rather than slipping down too far. Unfortunately, he hated wearing it because she liked to kick and her feet would hit him in a *ahem* sensitive area :)

    I'm hoping to get a moby this time around as I've heard great things from friends and family that have used it for small and big babies. I'm also a bit nervous about how complicated it is, but they all say it's easy after a few tries.

    I'm so excited for all your purchasing--it makes it so much more real doesn't it! Hopefully the ceilings will be done soon and you'll be able to get a bit of "nesting" done while also resting, too!

  14. so many options and decisions to make and opinions to wade the end only you can decide what (and whom) you're most comfortable with...

    for me, i'm trying to do everything possible to avoid any medical intervention, especially induction and c-section. induction introduces synthetic hormones that get in the way of my body's ability to produce those hormones naturally...and i really want to give my body and our baby the most natural birthing experience possible....but i know that things happen and so if, in the end, induction or surgery are necessary due to a medical emergency i will succumb. but ideally, i want my body and baby to go through the process naturally...and am especially looking forward to the first hour after birth when she will be alert and ready for the bonding to begin...the drugs can impede this for obvious reasons and that saddens me when i think of it. so does that goop they put in the baby's eyes right when they're my state that is not required and we are not doing it. but i digress...again, you get to decide what works for you and your family...much peace to you as you weigh your options!
    as for carriers, i vote for moby and ergo. :)

  15. I can't help with the induction issue. I was 10 days late and they broke my water and I delivered a few hours later with no issues with the baby. Can't say I would choose induction for myself, but that is not the same as saying I'm generally against it. Whatever you are comfortable with is what matters.

    As for the sling, I never had one. They make me a little nervous so I'm leaning towards a Chicco soft carrier, but I know a lot of people love the slings. Could you wait until the baby is born to buy it? Then you could try it out and return it right away. I worry that buying things too early means the return period will expire before I can actually test it out. Just a thought. :)

  16. I'm going to avoid the induction/pitocin debate, but I will recommend stretchy peanut shell slings (very similar to the sling recommended by Sunny). Very portable, easily stuffed in a diaper bag, easy on and off, especially with the little bit of stretch in the fabric. We started using it when LL was ~5 weeks old, and continued to use it for months. Around 11 months, we switched to a mei tai (I got mine from which I also love. If we another one, I'd probably use both right from the start.