Monday, March 1, 2010


It's March! My due date is May 7 but I'm full term in April. I'm practically giddy that I can now say my baby could come next month. March could be my last month without my son in my arms. March also would have been the month I would have given birth to Bug, my second pregnancy. No one ever gave me a due date because the viability of the pregnancy was questionable from the start. It would have been sometime the third week of March but I'm glad there's no physical, tangible date to dread.

Week 30 brings with it increasing cautious-optimism . . . and exhaustion. Some of you suggested I make the most out of the second trimester because the third is exhausting. You were right. I dont know if its normal third trimester stuff or the anemia but I feel constantly tired. Logically, if one is tired they sleep but sleep isn't easy. Last night I woke up three times because of acid reflux. Twice because sleeping on my sides puts pressure on my hips and then twice more to use the restroom. I'm not working right now so I have the luxury of feeling guilty as I find myself still in bed with the clock reading 11:00am. I don't know how ya'll do it with full-time jobs feeling this way. Sometimes I think just nine more weeks until bebe arrives and then these sleep issues will be gone. Ha. My mom said that once you have a child you never sleep like you did before ever again- ever. I guess this is a trial run of the foggy state of mind I'll be in very soon. I'm trying not to feel too guilty about not accomplishing as much as I set out to each day. As a Type-A person this is tough. But Im reminding myself that soon things will change and I will feel quite productive. (67 days give or take, but whose counting?)

Other things that have changed in the third trimester:
  • I can no longer put my socks on while standing lest I resemble a tipped cow.
  • To weigh myself on my digital scale I have to hop off since looking straight down, even side to side to catch the number is difficult. (I think this is my body trying to protect my feelings- kinda like 'oh honey you don't need to see that now do you?')
  • While my feet haven't gone up in size yet, my hands are inexplicably expanding like Pillsbury dough and its starting to look like I stole my wedding ring from a much skinnier person and jammed it onto my finger.
  • Baby Story on TLC used to be heartwarming (before I knew I had IF) then heartbreaking (once I had IF) and now it just scares me like any good old fashioned horror flick. As much as I think about life after baby, bottle versus breast, crib or bassinet, I really have seemed to push the labor part of this reality out of my head entirely. (sticks fingers back in ears: lalalalalala)


  1. LOL - I can relate to this post on so many levels!

    - I have quit eating - and more importantly - quit drinking at about 6:00 pm and try not to go to bed until 11:00 pm - it is hard but it is the only way I am not throwing up food and acid...

    - I have tried sleeping on the couch, on a massage bolster and sitting up. Right now, sitting up on couch pillows in bed is the preferred position

    - I cannot put on socks, undies or pants unless I am sitting down

    - I have to stoop over to see the number on the scale - which is now about 59 pounds (45-65 for twins is acceptable - hopefully I will not creep over 65!!)

    - I am TOTALLY EXHAUSTED - I almost called my doctor's office this morning to ask how much exhaustion is normal - I am totally serious!

    Yay for 30 weeks - I am so excited for you!

  2. well, after the baby comes he will probably only wake you up once or twice a night but it takes a lot longer to feed and change a baby than it does to go pee! i guess it's six and one have dozen, you'll probably lose about the same amount of sleep. you just have to sleep when they're sleeping be it the middle of the night or four o'clock in the afternoon.
    a baby story was the bane of my existence, before the baby came i would watch it and freak out about labor and then for about a week after i had her i would watch it and cry because i was so jealous of the people who's babies popped out after eight hours of labor, how ridiculous is that??! just remember, it's one day out of your life (hopefully a short day), that's it, after that sunflower is all yours!!!

  3. I wish I had katery's baby, only waking her up once or twice a night!! lol Bean was up constantly, and didn't sleep through the night until he was 14 months old. I won't use the old "enjoy your sleep now, you'll miss it in 10 weeks" line, as annoying as it is... but I honestly wouldn't count on having the same amount of sleep as you have now. Unless you are super lucky, and you know, I may have to stop reading your blog if you are. ;)

  4. Yes, I can relate too. Tired, exhausted but can't seem to get a good night's sleep. Well, I actually did last night, but I *could* have gone for a nap today but nooooo. I had things to do.

    You will feel a different kind of tired when the baby arrives. Honestly, my son didn't know what sleep was at night for the first few months. It was very hard.

    My hands are so fat too!!!!!!! UGG.

  5. Yay for passing the 30 week mark! Only 1.5 weeks to go and you can heave a huge sigh of relief at 32 weeks.
    I found I was much more exhausted in the first trimester than at any other point in the pregnancy. Now it's more like lazy. I still stay up too late at night, and drag myself out of bed after 6 hours of sleep to go to work. Even on weekends, I can't sleep much more than 8 hours, with a couple bathroom trips thrown in there. Maybe the anemia is contributing.
    I had to take my rings off for one day because my fingers were swollen. And I wear compression stockings for work, and sometimes overnight. So far, so good.
    Glad all's well, but I hope you get some better sleep in before the wee one arrives!

  6. I'm a new follower. Do you have a button so I can put it on my blog?

  7. Oh, girl - my fingers are firmly in my ears!! And I feel you on the exhaustion. . . I'm tired all the time, for sure, but have found I sleep better with a combinatin of benedryl and a memory foam mattress topper :)

  8. maybe you're energy levels will increase after your red blood cells catch up to your increased blood volume...mine did and i am so grateful!

    congrats on 30 weeks and entering march! i'm excited for march too....the month our baby's due...even if she is due the very last day of the month and will more likely be born in april! :)

  9. We're getting so close!!! And I am just soaking up every ounce of sleep I can get.....little by little.

  10. So glad it's March - and April's right around the corner! Hoping the exhaustion eases a bit, which I suppose means that I hope the acid reflux eases a lot. But 30 weeks - hurrah!

  11. Thanks all :)

    Double Duty Mommy, welcome to the blog! :) I do not have a button :( That's a good idea though.