Sunday, February 7, 2010

Remembering Speck

February 7. One year ago today I ovulated for the first time in years. One year ago today we conceived Speck, though we did not know at the time. Three months from today, May 7, I hope to give birth for the first time to the third being created in my womb.

I'm spotting brown today. If you know me, you might be shocked that I'm simply monitoring it and am not panicking. Dr. Google says if its intermittent and doesn't subside to call a doctor the next day. Miracle of miracles I'm okay with doing that. The Braxton Hicks may have pushed some old blood out. Or maybe my body is remembering someone.


  1. ((HUGS)) I hope the spotting stops...

  2. awwww, well that's a bummer and i know it's scary, but you've really reached a point where sunflower's chances of survival are really good if he were to be born right now. of course we want him to stay in until he's fully developed and nice and fat (well, not TOO fat!!!), but i'm just saying. when i was at this point i was pretty relieved, i didn't want louise to come but i felt pretty good about her survival if she did. i'm not a religious woman but maybe speck is looking after sunflower in some way, encouraging him to stay put.

  3. Damn. I had some spotting around the 31 week mark. Saw it once, and that was that. Hope it's the same for you!

  4. i love love love your attitude. maybe your body is just remembering speck.. just taking a moment to remember.

    our bodies change so much during pregnancy -- this is probably nothing to worry about.. call the doctor tomorrow and let us know.. but i really like your rationale.. just a bit of a rememberance..

  5. Oh sweet kate,
    I hope the spotting is *nothing*, and glad your test came back negative. Hope that cervix is nice and long and closed.

    It is hard to believe a year has come and gone, and in other ways, it feels like so much longer.

    Hope this spotting is just a fluky thing, stretching growing, nothing scary. and sending love to you always,
    and wishes for as uneventful a 12-13 weeks as possible.


  6. Remembering Speck with you today, on his conception day...