Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My heart weighs three pounds

My visit to the MFM went well. . . I think? My cervix measured at 3.0-3.5. I felt concerned since at week 20 my cervix was 4.8 but the Doc said the cervix shortens through pregnancy and I'm well within the safety zone. I was also nervous about Sunflower's heart rate of 129. Considering he was using my uterus as a punching bag (I'm sure the brownies I ate this morning had nothing to do with it) I expected his heart rate to be higher. The Doc was not concerned about this saying it was within the range of normal. My resting heart rate while lying down can go as low as 42 so maybe he just takes after me.

I've gained 29 pounds. I am mortified. This is not all baby. I let myself go big time. I was never skinny but I was very careful about my food intake and now I'm ballooning. The doctor is not concerned and said I could go up to 35 but considering I have (hopefully) 11 weeks or so to go that's a tight squeeze of allotted weight gain left. He said when you hit 40 pound weight gain its hard to lose post-baby so now I need to get a grip and start eating better. Still waiting on my gestational diabetes test results but the weight gain leaves me expecting the worst.

BUT moving on to the good stuff. Sunflower is doing great! He weighs three pounds and is in the 59th percentile and has an alfalfa hairdo going on. I think my heart stopped when she switched the black and white ultrasound to 4D. Gone was the skeletal image and there was my baby. My baby. With plump cheeks, sticking his tongue out, rubbing his eyes. I can't stop looking at the picture. You're mine is all I can think. I can't wait to touch those cheeks, to kiss that forehead, to count those toes with my fingers and press you close to me. I'm amazed at the emotion from simple prods from within and an image on the screen. It hit me as though anew that my heart, it weighs three pounds:


  1. Oh, he is so beautiful... wait handsome! :) I'm so happy you posted these pictures of Mr. Sunflower! I can't wait for you to give him lots of kisses, (some from us!) soon! (but not too soon...)

  2. So gorgeous!!

    Don't worry too much about the weight gain - hopefully you do not have sister gained 86 - yes 86 - with one, which I am not suggesting, but she took it all off no problem. My younger sister gained 45 with her one and she lost most of it the first two weeks post-partum.

    Everything sounds phenomenal!!!

  3. What extraordinary, heart-stoppingly beautiful images of Sunflower!

    We had 3Ds at 20 weeks & the kid looked like Yoda - but these, these are gorgeous mA!

    And I know exactly what you mean about looking forward to kissing cheeks & counting sweet toes :)

    Love you,

  4. He is gorgeous and sooooo perfect. Don't worry too much about the weight. Stay as healthy as you can, keep that little one in good nutrition.

  5. Nice lips on the little man!
    Sorry that your OB appointment sucked so badly. Can't believe how rude she was - might be time to complain again to your own OB, because if she treats everyone like that, there've got to be a bunch of unhappy patients in that practice. And maybe the rest of the partners need to tell her to take some time off and regroup if she can't even be professional. Wow.

  6. AWESOME pictures!! who cares about the weight gain, it's all going to be worth it in the end. 29 pounds isn't so bad, some people gain double that! remember i dropped about 15 pounds in less than two weeks, maybe you'll follow in my footsteps!

  7. Thanks for the update, it sounds like things are going perfectly. He is beautiful, I'm SO happy for you!

  8. he is a very handsome boy! I'm so happy for'll be counting toes soon!!!

  9. love the pics!! i'm so happy to hear how well your baby boy is great! i can't believe we're both nearing the moment we get to hold our babes...what joy!

  10. What a darling! I love those little lips!!

    And try not to worry about his heartbeat. Normal is within 120-160 bpm (and some go even as low as 110 with no problems!)
    He is perfect in every way!!

  11. Love, love, love the pictures!And more than that, he is doing so beautifully...another glorious day on the journey of motherhood. :)

  12. ohh I LOVE 4D images. Just gorgeous to see the little face before they are born!

    And don't fuss about the weight gain. Out here you aren't told what you "should" gain...and I gained over 60 POUNDS with my first baby!! And yes it took a bit to get it off but by 9 months old I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight... I wouldn't worry about it too much!