Monday, February 1, 2010

How to make K feel like a loser

X: Hi! We're with American Express ready to offer you account protection that will protect. . .
Me: No, its okay I don't need it. . .
X: Oh yes you do! What kind of job do you have right now?
Me: I'm not working.
X: Oh, in school?
Me: No
X: Oh, um, do you plan to go back to work anytime soon?
Me: No
X: So you're just. . . home.
Me: Yep
X: Oh- you're right you don't need it.

Wow- the credit card lady whose sole job it is to sell me unnecessary stuff gave up on me. I stared at my soapy washcloth and felt a little. . . lame. My novel is currently being shopped around by my agent, I hope it strikes an editor's fancy soon.

Random aside, Katery had her baby Louise! She is the one person I followed from the start when she pretty thought it would never happen to the positive pee stick to the agonizing first trimester and now here, to a beautiful little girl!


  1. I would have answered the same way. :) Sometimes I get those pangs, especially when we are with friends and they are all talking about their jobs, and I would rather talk about potty training. But whatever, I am super happy and that has to be good enough. :)

  2. Sunny, so well said. You are right. I am super happy too where I am right now and that really has to be happy enough. Sometimes its hard and you get sucked into comparing yourself where others are, the important thing is to stop and ask yourself, do I want to be where they are, or am I happy as my life is? Thanks for the reminder.

  3. i seriously cannot believe the credit card lady gave up on you as they normally do not care whether you are qulified or not (although i know you are, you just don't need to work a regular job since you are a soon to be famous author), maybe thye are actually starting to implement some of the changes congress is forcing them to make.