Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gestational Diabetes- I'm getting doubtful

It might be too early for me to be this suspicious but I'm getting a weird feeling I might not have GD. I only got the one-hour test but failed it so bad (211, normal is below 130) that my OB told me I didn't need the three-hour to diagnose me. Many of you expressed doubt at this and urged me to ask for the three hour, but the insurance issues kept me from pushing the issue. I figured I likely had it given my PCOS history and the strong diabetes history in my extended family.

But since yesterday I've been checking my numbers- and they're not close to out of range. Yesterday before the class I had an egg, toast, half a glass of low-cal OJ, and a cup of tea with half a teaspoon of sugar. When they tested my levels I was at 69. The dietician gave me a cracker worried I was going close to getting low blood sugar.

I've been told not to even have a teaspoon of sugar in my tea or a splash of OJ in my water. This struck me as strange since 1 tsp of sugar exchanges to 1 serving of carb so what's the difference? Anyways- this morning I tested while fasting and my reading was 70 (should be below 95). My after breakfast reading (in which I ate toast, egg, water and tea with a teaspoon of sugar) resulted in a reading of 65 (should be below 120). 65 is borderline low sugar for which I'm supposed to drink a glass of OJ to treat myself.

Huh? I know its only three readings but I'm getting suspicious that I have GD at all. Sure I should probably not be eating a bucket of icecream anyways but I don't want to treat myself for something I don't have. I have a checkup tomorrow at the OB anyways so I called and asked if they could do the 3-hour test. It will be just in the nick of time for my old insurance to cover it. I don't know if this is wise but I'm just feeling weird that my levels are so low- so not even borderline despite even the no-no sugar in my tea?


  1. I think it's a good idea to get the 3 can't hurt any either way!

  2. Definitely strange. I'm proud of you for being so proactive, and really hope that your dr. is responsive to your questions!

  3. I failed my 1 hour test with a level of 199. Because it was below 200, I was given the 3 hour test which I passed easily. A lot of things can influence a single day in the life of your blood sugar. In my case, I think it must have been my mild cold. At any rate, I would definitely get rechecked.

  4. The 3-hour is a great idea. Those numbers are really low. My numbers 2 hours after I eat are 80-90, every now and then I'll hit just above 100... and by all accounts I'm doing great.

  5. It should definitely be confirmed, just to be sure. I think it's silly they don't do the 3 hour one way or the other, regardless of the outcome of the first. Isn't possible it was a fluke? Better to be sure what's going on.

    Hope the 3 hour goes beautifully and it turns out no GD! But even if it doesn't turn out the way...I trust you'll be fine. :)

  6. It is always possible that the 211 was an error. That is really high. Doing the 3 hour can't hurt!

  7. It's possible that your first test was a fluke; in cases like yours, usually they would retest to make sure the first test was right.

  8. I definitely think having the 3-hour is the best way to go so that you know for sure. Keeping my fingers crossed that they were wrong and you don't have it to begin with! :)

  9. I would monitor, 2 hours after eating and see where you end up then. If you're ending up below 120 great! (or below 110 even better)

    I would also check first thing in the morning when you first wake up.

    I was diagnosed GD because I knew I was having highs...barely failed the 1 hr, refused the 1 hr and went straight to the diabetes specialist. They didnt mess with any 1 hr/3 hr test -- they had me monitor for a week before doing any modifications -- then proceeded based on the results, with the nutrition classes and in my case, insulin.

    Hopefully seeing the lows is easing your stress level a lot! Remember though, GD gets worse as the pregnancy progresses, so if you have mild highs now, down the road you might have more extreme highs.
    Best wishes! :)