Friday, February 19, 2010

Gestational Diabetes- results ***Updated

Well as expected, I flunked.

Normal levels: 130 or below.
Me: 211

The nurse didn't seem overly concerned and I'm scheduled for a three hour on Monday. She said despite this high result I could still pass the three hour. I had the blood draw Tuesday and I got results Friday which is a long time so I'm wondering when I'll get results from Monday's test and I'm wondering if I should go ahead and start a South Beach type diet just incase. The nurse said I didnt need to, but I'm wondering if I should.

I expected it but my old friend fear is starting to whisper again since GD does put you at elevated risk of stillbirth according to some websites I've read. Luckily that fear is kind of being stuffed under a mattress at the moment because I cannot handle even considering that.

I will go ahead and hope I pass the three hour, but given my history I also accept the reality that I will fail. I just hope that regardless, Sunflower will be okay. I can live without eating cakes or white rice, but I don't want to live without him.

**Updated**: The nurse called back to say that she misspoke and because my levels are above 200 I actually do have Gestational Diabetes so there's no need for a three hour test. I go for nutrition classes and will be more closely monitored by MFM.

I'm disappointed because I'm scared of the risks associated with it (jaundice, difficulty breathing, increased risk (50/50 chance) of type II diabetes later in life, birth defects. . .) but I'm trying to be positive about it. It is a common diagnosis and doctors have made great advances on how to manage it. Plus, I started off my pregnancy ten pounds overweight and I gained about 30 pounds since. Eating a controlled diet will ensure I'm not letting myself go more and will teach me healthier eating habits. Often my biggest challenge with losing weight or eating strict is will power but I have one helluva reason to stick to my diet. If I said in the past I'd hang upside down naked from a tree to keep my pregnancy, I can certainly pass on rice and sugar.

Have any of you gotten the GD? I heard that it means they will induce you the week before or the week of your due date and won't let you go past the date. I'm scared of C-Sections, and Pitocin, and all things associated with labor that is not natural, but at the same time if the end result is a healthy baby in my arms, that's what matters, truly, that is it.

Happy 29 weeks to me!


  1. Ugh. I'm sorry, but here's hoping you pass the 3-hour, or at the very least that you don't miss the white rice & cakes too much. It's always got to be something, doesn't it? And Sunflower WILL be ok. Docs are very used to managing GD, and you're certainly not going to balk at anything they tell you to do. Sunflower will be fine, but I know that doesn't help the worry. Thinking of you and wishing you fantastic numbers at the next test.

  2. Sorry about the GD. That is icky news, but the positive thing is, it's manageable. And you are right when you say you have the motivation. I know you do, and I know you'll do everything necessary, and then some, to control it. All will be right with Sunflower and you at the end of all of this. I have faith in that.

    Congrats on 29 weeks! What an amazing place to be. Just so thrilled for you!

  3. Huh... I have never heard of just skipping the three-hour GTT before! I'm so sorry that you have it. It's not that bad, you'll do fine on the diet. And honestly, although eating healthy is not my thing, I am happy knowing what awesome nutrients I'm giving to my babes. Plus I do look good for carrying twins (if I may say so myself). My friend eats terribly, and at 31 weeks she has already gained 50 pounds. I'm jealous that she can eat an entire pan of brownies, but my salad and baked potato are definitely paying off.

    I don't know about how this changes your delivery, as I have a scheduled C-section anyway. I don't understand how having the GD makes a difference as long as your sugars are controlled? I eat well now and my numbers are always great, so I like to think that GD has no affect on me or the babies. I'll be interested to hear what your doc says.

  4. I managed to avoid it, somehow. But my friend who just delivered had it. If you can control it by diet alone, great. If not, they'll put you on insulin which would be a pain. She was induced early (39 weeks), but that's because she had preeclampsia on top of the diabetes, and they were worried about the blood pressure side of things. She had a 7lb3oz baby, so not too big. And the baby was totally fine. If her BP had been fine, I'm sure she would have gone to full term.
    Hope you get some reassurance when you meet up to learn the diet. I'm sure you and sunflower will both be fine.

  5. Yay for 29 weeks!

    One of my very good IRL friends had GD - she just delivered a healthy, albeit large 9lb 4oz, baby. She failed the first test significantly as well - I think in the 200s - and they did not bother with the 3 hr either.

    She followed the GD diet religiously and had amazing results.

    And - because I am a freak - closer monitoring is a good thing.

  6. i didn't have gd but my blogger friend celia at breeder beware does, here's her blog address...

    i failed the one hour test but when i did the three hour i passed.

  7. I had GD - my girls are fine! Managed it by insulin - it was gone after delivery. I'm horribly needlephoebic -- and did fine with the insulin injections after I got past the first one. No ill effects on my little ones -- we just managed it obsessively during pregnancy.
    Best wishes to you!

  8. sorry to hear your news, but i'm with the others...i'm sure all will be well, given your dedication to adjusting your diet according to their recommendations. you might look into reading the book real food for mothers and babies, if you're interested. i just finished it and it's much to learn about!
    wishing you well as you begin the process of curbing your refined carb intake!

  9. First of all, HOORAY FOR 29 WEEKS! Sorry to hear about the GD. I think that under good medical care and staying to their strict guidelines you'll be fine. Sending healthy and happy thoughts to you and sunflower.

  10. I'm probably going to be in the same boat as you after my 1 hour test on Thursday. I've been borderline diabetic my whole life, so the odds are not on my side. I too am bummed about this because of the thought of being induced, c-sections, etc.

    I'm definitely following you now...maybe we can learn something from each other!

  11. Happy 29 weeks and happy ICLW :)

    I too have gd. My doctor isn't really too concerned with it since it's so manageable and because I am carrying twins I will deliver early anyway.

    Basically what I needed to do was have protein whenever I had carbs. So that meant taking out stock in peanuts and almonds and I eat lots and lots of turkey. Hopefully you can just switch to whole wheat pastas and brown rice instead of white. My doctor told me that most carbs are found in drinks, which made sense because I was drinking a lot of juice, vitamin water, and sobe carrot/orange. Now I have a lot of water and some almond milk. Both my dr and dietician say that crystal light is fine too, so when I want something more I throw that in. I have been able to keep my levels low enough to where it's not really an issue. Also try taking a walk or something after dinner - my sis did that and it helped a lot. Unfortunately I am on bedrest so I have to rely on diet.

    Good luck to you! I loved reading your story :)


  12. Happy 29 Weeks!
    And you have such a good outlook on the whole GD situation...I would have sulked for weeks over being on a restricted diet but you are so will be an excellent way to stay on track!

    And hey, at least there's no hanging naked from a tree involved!

    Best of luck xxx