Saturday, February 13, 2010

Other Uses For Baby Aspirin

Every state but one saw snow in the past 48 hours. Living in the south when we see flurries we get giddy with dreams of snowmen but to no avail. Except today. Wow did it snow, the nice sticky kind. Now I can attribute two rare occurences to February: my first pregnancy and snow you can sink your shoes into. The rather rare occurrence of snow helps explain the ahem, unorthodox manner in which we gave our little snowbaby eyes. . . aspirin: fever reducer, blood thinner, and a good way to give a snowman eyes! (Doesn't he look so thug?) Hope you enjoyed the snow wherever you are (except Hawaii, sorry, you had no snow, but you live in Hawaii, so there's that).


  1. Heheheh. Love your thuggish snowman!

  2. All these snow pictures are making me miss Michigan! There may have been snow in Washington, but I'm guessing just in the mountains. It is warm and rainy here right now, going to be mid-50s this week. We are having a tropical winter compared to the rest of the country. Well, except the lucky jerks who live in Hawaii!