Monday, February 1, 2010

Random thoughts and wonderings on pregnancy

I remember people would say of young boys and little puppies oh I'm so sorry he hurt you he doesn't know his own strength. Apparently I don't fully get the circumference of my belly since I wore a tank with a cardigan out in public today only to realize mid-stride at Target that I was essentially wearing a bare mid-riff. While Pregnant. I thought this tank was long and stretchy. I apologize to anyone I may have traumatized along the way.

I've also noticed that clothes I owned that were non-maternity but empire-waisted that I thought I could wear during pregnancy because of their loose nature just don't look right. While the clothing does fit, the bump looks absurd in them despite the loose material.

I hear pregnant women pee often but it hasn't really happened for me until today when I've found myself having to go every twenty minutes since 4pm. Is this because baby is bouncing on my bladder?

I am very stretch mark prone (Puberty was unkind to me) and so I fully anticipated a highway of marks across my belly once I began expanding. Luckily, I read a post by Myndi in my first trimester encouraging preggos to lotion it up well before any expanding takes place. I use lotion to listen to Sunflower on the doppler at night and then I lotion up after each shower so I'm moisturizing twice a day. I'm feeling quite victorious at my smooth non-lined belly but am I celebrating prematurely, is the worst stretching to come?

I thought by this time babies were kicking their moms all the time in the womb. Mine seems to be a bit stubborn, at least I hope that's why I don't feel punched constantly. Lately, even orange juice isn't working. I'm trying to figure out if this is normal?

I'm still not really thinking about labor. I still have 95 days to go (but whose counting?) so I have time I guess. I think about pregnancy and parenting but I don't focus more on the actual bringing the baby into the world. Yesterday a girl who had a five year old said, don't be afraid of a C-Section. I WISH I got a C-section in retrospect. She lowered her voice then and said trust me, your body will be messed up for good. We were in mixed company so I couldn't get into it with her but now I'm disturbed. What did she mean? I realize a seven pound human being would be passing through me but I thought things um, bounced back afterwards? I do hear of people having sex-lives post-baby. . . am I wrong? Are the best days behind me?


  1. The truth is, things sort of bounce back, but you don't return to your previous self. And, as always, everyone is different.

    Your pelvis loosens a great deal to make room and to facilitate birthing, and while it does shrink up some, they don't ever go back to 100%.

    In terms of breasts, mine were absolutely wrecked (in my opinion) when my milk came in. I went from a healthy C to well beyond a DD (E?) while breastfeeding, and since the milk dried up, I'm a barely B. It's been 14 years and that is still the case.

    As for the lady bits, it's hard to say. I remember it took some time before I felt normal. I don't want to get too graphic here, so I'll spare you, but things do change down there. The reality is, the lack of sleep will hurt your love life more than anything else in the first few months. Once you have little ones, you just have to work at it, make time for it, and find the energy for it even when you don't know where to look.

    Rest assured, you get used to your new normal pretty quickly. Your body will morph a little, and it takes some time for things to become quasi-normal. But you shouldn't stress on it too much. In the long-run, you'll all adjust and figure it out, and it will be worth all the change.

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  3. Honey a c-section is MAJOR surgery. Your body was made to birth this baby! Trust it!!
    And a cesarean is not always the best procedure for your baby as well.
    Do a bit of research on it first at least so you're aware of the risks.

    I have to say your @ss will never be the same again after giving birth, something does seem to change the general shape of it. You suddenly find yourself with a mum bum!
    But everything down there is stretchy (thanks to those pregnancy hormones) and will heal nicely. I promise!! And sex is just as good once you're ready - just take your time and don't do it until you are!
    For most women it's usually ~6 weeks. But you'll be so tired with a newborn you probably couldn't stay awake for it anyways :-)

    just wanted to add also that your breasts lose a bit of their 'perk', but that isn't from breastfeeding but from the actual pregnancy hormones.

  4. My stomach is coming out of the bottom of lots of tops....!

    Also, some days I feel the babies like crazy, other days not so much, and yes, I freak out. I also have anterior placentas...which means the placentas are between my stomach and the baby - so I probably do not feel them as much as other girls...not sure what your case is.

    You are getting close!

    Also, all the fears you expressed - I have them too. I think my pelvis is already moving - the bones above my groin are killing me...

  5. You'll have sex after your baby is born- I promise! And I love my stretch marks. I've come to see them as not only reminders of my children but as MommyScars... Showing the battles I've fought and the wars I've won.

  6. Loved the cartoon!

  7. Two thoughts.

    #1. This is the BEST stretch mark lotion ever. It is expensive, but worth it:

    #2. I have only given birth via C-section, but on the forum I visit (full of crunchy women, lots of home births without drugs) I do know there are *ahem* kinda uncomfortable things that women who give birth vaginally have to deal with that those of us with C-sections don't experience. That being said, stuff will go back to normal, and like me and m said -- a C-section is major surgery and NOT what is best for you or the baby (excepting an emergency). A lot of women have loved this book: It may be a little new-agey, but from what I hear you can disregard what doesn't fit you while still learning so much. I really wish I would have read this book before I had my son.

  8. Thanks for the advice everyone. Your words reassure me! And yes you are right, I would NEVER opt for a C-section unless it was absolutely necessary, I just thought it was weird how adamant she was about her regret at natural child birth.

    Thanks for the tips Sunny!