Friday, February 12, 2010

28 weeks

I am officially in my third trimester and Sunflower now has a 90-95% chance of survival! Next week is doctor week. My glucose test on Tuesday and I'm accepting I likely have GD based on my personal and family history. I'll miss eating carbs but there are certainly worse things that can happen. I'm practically giddy to see little dude on Wednesday at the MFM. He's very quiet lately. I've read at this point movement is more personality than well being, and he does move, just not that much. My placenta is positioned in a way that I should feel his every move, but hopefully all is well.

I'm not sure if its pregnancy or because I'm home a lot more but I seem to notice every single dent, stain or scratch. I look at a bump on the ceiling and wonder if it was always there, or if its new. We are talking to a handyman who would paint some of our rooms, and the ceilings, replace some window sills and possibly even replace our foyer hardwood floor for a pretty reasonable price. I need to double check with my doctor if its safe for me to be around the dust that will ensue from ceiling painting (we are converting our popcorn ceiling to smooth) and then its game on. The thing with having a house is, just when you think you've fixed an issue, another one springs up. I feel like donald duck on a boat that pops a hole, you plug it in with your toe, and then another one pops up that you plug with your thumb, but the more you plug, the more holes spring loose. Some people are made to be home owners. My dad and brother get positively starry eyed discussing fan replacements, or mowing the lawn but Jack and I feel nauseous just driving past a Home Depot.

We bought this house in our early 20's because our parents pressured us. We thought we were supposed to. While home owning has benefits its been a big source of stress. I used to resist the concept of having a child for some time as a direct result of this. People were pressuring us to TTC and I didn't want to do something because it was an expectation. I wanted to do it beacuse I wanted to. I find it ironic that I had to struggle as I did to actually become a parent but at least I can't say that someone else was the reason for my decision. Though a baby will also bring with it responsibility much like this house has brought, I am doing this because I wanted it badly and I will have no resentment that I was pressured into it.

Next goal: 30 weeks. Thirty has never looked so good!


  1. The movement of my babies changed around that time as well - and it is different again - enough to make you crazy!

    I hear you on being home and seeing everything that needs to be done! I have a huge list...

  2. the house we just bought has popcorn ceilings in the living room, hallway and two of the bedrooms. my husband thought he was going to remove all of it but after spending TWO DAYS scraping and sanding the living room he decided the rest of the rooms will be staying as is for a while!
    congrats on 28 weeks! isn't it nice to know sunflower would be ok if he decided to come now? let's hope he decides to keep his lease in your belly for a few more months though!

  3. WOOHOOO for 28 weeks! A wonderful milestone to have reached, though I'm hoping you get all the way to 40+ (not too much plus, of course!)

  4. I cant wait to hear about your little guy next week! Woo Hoo!!! You are almost there!!!

  5. I only had a couple periods with real movement a day at that time, I think. It's been more after 32-34 weeks that she's started being more active throughout the day. I'm sure sunflower is thriving in there.
    Glad to hear you've hit the 28 week milestone! I felt soooo much better after hitting that point, and was suddenly able to really relax. Start back to work. Feel confident that we were maybe going to make it even farther.
    30 weeks will come up quickly now, I bet.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing flaws in my house. I drive my husband insane: the floor in here isn't level, there's another crack in the parquet floor, that light switch faceplate isn't level, look, the wall is uneven, the floor squeaks like mad here...
    Hopefully we'll both be too busy with babies in the next few months to give a damn any more!

  6. Congrats!!! So funny what you said about the home ownership! Though I hate the town we moved to (and a little of that hate has rubbed onto the house) I'm always planning my next project. New dimmer switches, new light fixtures, new paint, adding a tile backsplash... whereas Trav just lives here, if it looks the same the day we move out as the day we moved in... he'd be a happy man.
    Congrats on 29 weeks, yea for Mr. Sunflower!

  7. Congrats!! 3rd Trimester! That's such an amazing thing, and I'm so happy for you! You're so close to meeting your little sunflower, and I can't wait until he's here, either! :-D

  8. Congrats on 28 weeks! That is an AWESOME milestone!

  9. Congratulations! What an awesome milestone. It seems to be going by so fast! He'll be here before you know it. We have a house too and I can relate to the donald duck story. My boss at work calls it the "whack-a-mole" problem...after that arcade game where you keep wacking moles that pop up with that hammer and each time you do another one pops up. I had a hard time accepting this truth: IT NEVER ENDS. I'd love to get to a place where my home is perfect and I can keep it that way with manageable maintenance, but I have had to accept that it is more like a 'project' than a self-sustaining thing.

  10. Third trimester! Third trimester! Third trimester!

    Can you believe it's actually really here?! You and Sunflower have made it! I'm so proud of both of you.

  11. Congrats on 28 weeks, that's awesome!!

    I hate how when you fix the "ugliest" part of your house, then another part becomes the "ugliest" and it's suddenly unbearable (when before you hardly noticed). It's always something!

  12. Is the time flying as much for you as it is for me "watching" you? :) I feel like it was just yesterday that you announced your pregnancy! So thrilled for you to see the third trimester - so surreal and wonderful!!