Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Remembering Today

As fear recedes
and hope steps forward
I begin to enjoy this moment
of holding him within me.
Instead of looking at the calender
wishing the time away,
I realize-
he's already my child,
alive and vibrant inside me.
I am seeking the end of my journey
conceiving, gestating, birthing, and raising
are all part of the same journey.
And this stage is special
because its the stage only we alone share.
I am the only one in the world who can say
I knew him first.
I knew him when.
When he swam like a fish in my womb
When he kicked, squirmed and prodded my insides
When he bounced on my bladder and poked my cervix.
May will come
and we will meet for the first time,
though he is a part of me,
so in truth I've known him
all my life.
Each day he will grow stronger and smarter
and one day he will be fully grown and
And that day I will remember this moment
that he lived inside me
and swam like trout
and I rubbed my belly
and sang to him.
And that day
all this time
that I wish away right now will seem
irretrievably precious.
I will want to remember
the togetherness
we share now
these moments
of just he and I
that will never come back again.


  1. What an incredibly beautiful poem. I am in awe.

  2. yea, i'm so glad that you are getting to a point where you feel comfortable allowing yourself to enjoy the pregnancy without beeing too scared!! the poem is great!

  3. This is beautiful and made me cry.

    I feel this precious, precious time slipping away and as much as I look forward to meeting Bean in a few weeks iA, I know I will miss this time when it was just the two of us in simple, symbiotic perfection

  4. Very beautiful, K. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  5. Oh wow. I haven't cried over a post in a while, but here I sit with tears in my eyes. I hope you don't mind if I print this out and claim it as my own :) (to myself only, of course!) I've had thoughts along the same lines lately - working on how to work it in to a post - and I thank you for this. ((Hugs))

  6. I am so glad this poem meant something to you. I am truly humbled and honored.

  7. Found this via a Sprogblogger post...and I'm feeling so incredibly lucky to be pregnant right now. These are my favorite lines: I am the only one in the world who can say I knew him first. I knew him when.

    Absolutely lovely!