Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I first started searching on-line for other IF bloggers after my first miscarriage. I remember e-mailing "Airing Dirty Laundry" asking her with all sincerity if this pain would ever end. In the moment it was hard to believe it ever would. During that time I also found Katery and Meggomae. Meggomae and I had lost our pregnancies at around the same time, we both had PCOS and we both wondered when it would happen for us. I've been following her ever since and was so happy for her when she learned recently that she was pregnant. It breaks my heart that despite being nearly nine weeks pregnant, her recent ultrasound showed her baby stopped growing at 6w4d. She and her husband are very special people and again I'm at a loss to understand how the universe works and why these things have to happen. If you get a chance please swing by and send her your support during this difficult time.


  1. I just posted something on her horrible.

  2. MeggoMae's DH here.

    you have been a blessing for her. know that. thank you so much for your love and support.