Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Changing my due date!

I am changing my due date! Well, sort of. In the pursuit of being less fearful I decided to change my perspective on the whole due date thing. May feels like its about 200 years away and when I feel like I'm gestating an elephant it makes the whole gestating thing feel overwhelming. I become full term at 37 weeks. April 12. So that's that then. That's what I'm shooting for. Not May 7. April 12. That is a mere 3 months away. And that makes me feel a whole lot better.

As an aside, the tree people are here and each time they chop down a tree they yell out, Yee Haw! They are working really hard and I don't envy their task but their whoops and hollers are making me giggle and feel a little wistful. Must be nice to feel yeehaw about the work you do, you know?


  1. Ooo...that's a great idea! It does make it seem much closer! :-D That would be August 9th for me, but that's still forever away! Right now, I'm looking forward to Feb 8th, my next doctors appointment! I'll breath much easier when I get that far.

  2. You go girl! Your tree cutters sound so funny!!!!

  3. I've been getting by by setting myself 2-4 week goals. First viability. Then 26, then 28 weeks. Then I was gunning for 32. Kept telling myself if I make it to 2010 without delivering, I'll be super happy. Now I'm aiming for 36. To only have to wrap my head around 2-4 weeks at a time really helps. And at the start it was just that I'd get from one appointment to the next.
    Congrats on the tree-cutter windfall. hope they do a great job!

  4. Kate that is an EXCELLENT way to stay sane. Wow- and look how far you've come! I have been waiting for week 24 since I got the two lines. I think here on out two week goals is a good one. Thanks for the tip.

  5. I agree with Kate. I have put a countdown ticker on my igoogle that is currently set at 28 weeks to make me feel a bit better. I only make notes of weeks on my calendar that are 2-4 weeks apart. It makes the hurdles seem sooooo much more manageable. And let's face it. April 12 is just right around the corner! :-)

  6. I used to focus on April 1, but now like others I need closer goals to make myself feel better. 11 days until 28 weeks and 95% viability!

  7. K, I wanted to thank you for the kind comments you've left on my blog. =) And if you're ever in SF, I'd love to meet you and Sunflower! Email me at mrkhmeg@gmail.com , and I'll give you the deets on my photographer.

    I like the idea of this closer due date! (in theory! I want little Sunflower to bake for as long as possible) As cliche as it sounds, you've just gotta focus on the "baby steps."

  8. I recently did the same thing - my mom went early with me at 37 weeks so I've set my clock to start on February 11th and run through March 5th (when I'll be 40 weeks).

    It's exciting and surreal and wonderful! YEE HAW! :)

    Miss you!