Saturday, January 2, 2010

The: Is This Normal? Post

I just clicked into Google reader and gasped that I have 180 unread posts. I'm pretty excited to sit down with a cup of tea and catch up with all of you when I get back Tuesday. I hope its all good news. *knock on wood*

Being in Orlando has been nice because it distracts me from the day to day worry of wondering if I'll successfully bake my baby and meet him healthy and happy in 2010. Still, the worry remains. It's as part of me as the blood in my veins so I accept it and manage it as best as I can.

Still. Since yesterday I've been getting the watery discharge again. It could be that my bacterial vaginosis is back. I don't know. I also noticed today, slight shooting/throbbing type pain in my vaginal area but up high. It's not while standing, but while sitting. It comes and goes lasting for a few seconds at a time. I asked Dr. Google who has told me it could be anything from "normal" to "your cervix is dilating."

Have any of you experienced this type of pain? I'll call my doctor when I return on Tuesday but just curious if you've experienced this?


  1. my guess would be that it's the bacterial vaginosis is back and you might possibly have a uti as well, sometimes those infections like to hang out together, lucky us.

  2. I have had that pain on and off - truly like someone is sticking a knife into my lady bits - I had it checked out - everything is okay. One of my friends IRL had those pains at about 32 weeks and went to get checked out - it ended up being fine - but if it is different for you - go get it checked - I get all different things checked out by the docs.

  3. Please get it checked. I dont want to scare you with what things could be. Call your OB and go in for a check. Better safe than sorry.

  4. I've had sharp stabbing pains into my cervix and vagina at times, and nothing had ever changed the next time I had a cervical ultrasound. I had one night where I had brief intermittent really really bad stabbing pain a few times in a row while sitting on the couch, It wasn't fun. Haven't had that again, thankfully - I'm guessing it was round ligament pain or something.
    Still, with the BV history and the watery discharge back, I'd get it checked out.
    Glad you're otherwise doing well. Less than 2 weeks and you're at viability!

  5. i have stabbing pains from time to hurts! i also have a little girl who likes to dance on my cervix, which is also painful! i'm glad you're going to get it checked, what with the discharge and all. better safe than sorry, eh?!
    glad you are well and hope you enjoy the last couple days of your family time!

  6. I say, can't hurt to get it checked out! It's a pregnant woman's job to annoy her doctor with all worries and concerns, especially with a history of miscarriage. Schedule another appointment, if nothing else, to easy your worries. :)