Wednesday, May 5, 2010

More on Contractions

The last five contractions are now 8-9 minutes apart. And they hurt. But. How much are they supposed to hurt? They hurt enough to make me want to moan. They make me want to stop walking. They make me not want to talk. However. The standard provided to me was: you are unable to walk and unable to talk. I am able to do these things the pain is just so intense I don't want to. Also- my standard of pain might be different from your standard of pain. My 8 on the Richter scale might be a 2 for you, or a 10. I wonder what's going to happen. . .

AND- might I add everyone is pissing me off? Jack sitting on the couch is so annoying. My mom asking me how I'm feeling is maddening. Yes- that is irrational. My, am I cranky.

[Sorry for incessant updates- just need a place to write, a place to make sense of it, to record to remember later. Thanks for reading and for your support]


  1. It sounds like you are definitely headed in the right direction. Did your OB give you instructions on when to call? Like how far apart? Some people have really intense contractions and others don't feel it as much (lucky dogs!), so I think the frequency is the fairest indicator. Still, if you're not sure, call your OB. You wouldn't be the first and you won't be the last!

    Good luck!! I bet Sunflower is here by tomorrow!

  2. Our internet went down all day at work. First thing when we got back from dinner, I tried to log on, after whining to my husband - but I HAVE to be able to get onto the internet. What if K has Sunflower and I DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT!?!

    The internet's up again. Please feel free to birth this baby ANY TIME!!!

    So exciting. And I love the minute by minute updates. You're the best blogger ever.

  3. I have never been in labor but from what I've read and been told, it sounds like you're in early labor. Definitely headed in the right direction! So exciting! Good luck! Keep us posted!

  4. def sit on the ball and rock around on it, will settle sunflower into ur pelvis. which in turn will help u dialate. when i was in labor with my little one and would have a contraction, i could talk through it, but didnt want to, in fact if anyone talked to me i wanted to punch them sounds like u are well on ur way

  5. I loved being in the bath at the hospital and I heard others mention the shower as being helpful/relaxing. I spent four hours+ in the tub :)
    The commenter from your previous post had a good point...maybe it's too much info, but nipple stimulation helps!!
    Praying for you and Sunflower....

  6. Sounds very promising! My midwife said to try and take a shower. If the contractions lessened I wasn't in labor and if they got worse then i likely was. For me, the timing thing never worked as they were consistently coming but the interval varied. I knew I was in labor bc the contraction continued and got worse. I could still talk and walk, hell I showered, shaved my legs and blew out my hair, but by the time I got in the car I couldn't sit down bc if the pain. That was labor for me both times.

    At the very least I would bet your cervix is making some decent progress which is great! Fingers crossed for you sweetie!

  7. Hon,sounds like you are on your way!

    Praying for & loving you!

  8. i hate the pain scale, everyone tolerates pain differently. the beginning of labor was painful but nothing compared to a few hours into it, i pretty much went into my own world, i did not care what was going on around me or what was being done to me (ie, cervix checks, etc.) and i wasn't really talking to anyone.