Monday, May 3, 2010


As I said in the earlier post I had to have some conversations today, both with Dr. MFM to convince her to give me a weight estimate (they only do it every four weeks and it was only three weeks), and then with my OB to see how far I could go without inducing.

Dr. MFM agreed to weigh Sunflower and I was scared they'd tell me I was on track to birth a ten pound baby but he measured 7lb5oz: 50th percentile. Not much more than his weight three weeks ago (6lb14oz). Dr. MFM even if we are off by a pound, he's 8.5 pounds. Nothing alarming and I'm amazed considering I have GD. I got excited and suggested maybe we can go past my due date then by a week or so to see if he can come naturally? To this she emphatically shook her head. It's not the GD baby she's worried about but more that each day I pass my due date the risks associated with thrombophilia go up and if I chose to go past the due date it would be against medical advice though she admitted that the odds are in my favor should I go past my due date the baby would most likely be okay.

I honestly believe I'd be fine going past my due date but three out of four doctors are urging me to not pass my due date so I'm not going to fight it. I talked to the OB's nurse. She's going to get me scheduled to go to the hospital Thursday night for cervadil to attempt to ripen the cervix and then induction Friday morning. A step-OB will be on call but oh well. I'd rather wait until Thursday night with the hope that perhaps my body can get more favorable in the next few days, rather than go in tonight and always wonder.

I'm doing my best to let go of my need to be in control. I'm going to continue taking the evening primrose oil and walking and hoping and praying he comes on his own time before induction- but- I'm accepting I can't control when he comes and what happens if I'm induced. I'm going to write my birth plan (or birth hopes would be more accurate) tonight and mentally ready myself for whatever may come Friday.


  1. Great job of sticking with your gut and making smart choices! It's great to have a birth plan and I really hope it all turns out great for you. How exciting...he's so close! Keep your eyes on the prize :)

  2. Good idea, writing down the birth plan. Maybe it is the way to make your wish come true. I sure do hope so. ;-)

  3. Awesome news! Good job sticking to your guns! Also, so glad to hear Mr. Sunflower isn't looking a mega-huge 15 pounder :) You are so right about giving your body more time to ripen up on its own (and hopefully those evening primrose capsules will have some effect by then as well).

  4. Oh sweetie, I am so excited for you. No matter how you get there, you'll get to meet your little sunflower baby boy. He'll be beautiful and perfect and you did a great job getting him to a healthy time and weight. Sending many good thoughts for a smooth delivery.

  5. Yes on writing down the birth plan. And yes, yes, yes on the control thing...I think all of this is so unbelievably frustrating when you have a control-freak, type A type personality!

    In the end, the ultimate thing is getting Sunflower here safely and I know that's going to happen!

  6. The upside is knowing when you will get to see that sweet baby's face!