Thursday, May 6, 2010

1 more day, I guess?

The promising contractions are irregular again averaging 8-9 minutes mostly but but with breaks that last up to 15 minutes though when the contraction comes its more painful than the last. I'm wondering how high the pain will ultimately ratchet up to.

In the morning L&D will call to schedule us. 6pm they plan to insert the Cervadil. 6am Friday morning the induction begins. I wonder what happens if I'm already dilated enough? Will they begin the induction tomorrow evening? That seems logical? Ofcourse, hope springs eternal and I hope we won't have to induce but I accept either option.

This is my last night without him on the outside. This might be the last night I feel his little butt wiggle against my womb, his fingers poking me, his feet stretching my stomach outwards. I'm trying to memorize this moment. Etch it forever in my mind. It blows my mind. Can't wait to meet him.


  1. thinking of you and wishing you the delivery YOU want--
    so, hey there baby boy! come on out now!

    but the magic of this, so happy to hear you are reveling even as you are willing his little self out of there-- magic every way you look at it.

    peace and comfort, Kate.
    sending love,

  2. you made it!!! i can't believe we are where we are....both of us! sorry this is so brief and i've been mia lately...mucho overwhelmed with life at the moment. but i've been reading and am rooting for the way, you can totally handle birthing...your body and your baby know what to do! but i've heard the pain is much increased with inductions, so be gracious with yourself and your body...with care and anticipation, l

  3. love the updates - and cannot wait for you to meet him!

  4. Sending lots of positive thoughts and big love for a healthy delivery and you both to be happy and together snuggled up very very soon.

  5. I sure miss the blessed silence and the hiccups and wigglibg feet inside.

  6. hmmm, i would think that if you are dilated and having contractions they would just break your water to help move things along, not sure though.