Wednesday, May 5, 2010

2 more days

My OB stripped my membranes today in an effort to spark labor. I'm sorry in advance, she said. I shrugged, lay down, and then [&!#$$$]<-- insert every foul word ever invented. It hurt so much I saw black dots. OB said the contraction that I had is the type to call in to them about as a sign that labor begun. OH.MY.GOD. I'm still 1cm dilated but she said my cervix is softer and lower. Since then I'm losing my mucus plug which is a sign of labor, oooor maybe not! And I'm having a lot of contractions and feel kind of dazed and confused. If I don't go into labor before my induction these are all still good signs that my body is getting more ready.

I've known my OB for over two years now and today she had some time to talk to me and Jack and it was funny how she's got me figured out. I know its scary but you can't control the labor process, she said. You've researched, you're informed, but ultimately this baby will decide when he comes and how he comes. Maybe its being the eldest who was responsible for resolving my parents arguments, and watching my brothers, and being a teacher- but I do feel like I need to hold on, I need to carry it even if it is something I can't control.

But I can't control labor. And today when she swept my membranes and I felt the strongest most painful contraction of my life I had no thoughts but the pain. In that moment there was no ability nor desire to control just a desire to simply to get through the moment. And that's when the obvious concept hit me again, this is what its all about, its a series of moments that make up a life.

I've allowed my mind free reign to roam with worry and fear because I thought I'll stop worrying once Sunflower arrives. But I'm beginning to think that the worries will not go away, they will simply morph and take new shape. I will make mistakes but it does no good to anticipate what they will be. I will feel confused and frustrated at times but those moments are not today. I need to stop looking so far ahead because I will lose sight of the now.

If you've been reading my blog long enough, you'll recognize these thoughts since I'm constantly reigning myself in from letting fear fill my house with helium balloons and float me away. I guess I'm just a work in progress but I know what I need to work on. Slowly I think I'll get there.

I may have shared this poem before. I'm going to take it with me when I go into labor:

Keep walking, though there’s no place to get to.
Don’t try to see through the distances.
That’s not for human beings.
Move within, but don’t move the way fear makes you move.

-- Rumi


  1. sorry about the pain that came with today, but hopefully it will get you and Mr. Sunflower on step closer to meeting... and hopfuly on your terms, or close to it.. I've been checking quite frequently, always hoping for an update, even though I haven't commented on each one! Your family is in our prayers.

  2. ouch, i've heard that having your membranes stripped is very painful and you're right, when you are in labor you will not care about controlling it, you will just want to make it through one moment at a time. i was scared too, but you can do it, it's just ONE DAY, hopefully LESS than one day.

  3. Sounds like she did it right. A colleague's wife said it was the worst pain ever, and went into labour within 24h each time.

  4. Soon, sweetie. Very soon you'll be holding Sunflower in your arms, not in your womb. And that is something to move toward out of joy. Keeping you right up at the forefront of my thoughts today.

  5. I am a worry wart about everything so I can only hope worry will go away, but probably won't.
    We are going to be mamas and worrying is part of the job.

  6. Oh man, I remember getting my membranes stripped. I don't remember the pain part as much as the sweating like a pig part! I swear I had turned into a man and was soaking wet with sweat. It didn't help that it was late June either :)
    I thought of you the other day while I was out shopping and saw a very cute sunflower onesie...amazing how the internet can connect people even though they've never met!
    Hopefully things are starting up for you and soon you'll have your sunflower here!

  7. Fingers crossed for a good labor!!!