Monday, May 3, 2010

4 more days

4 more days. Wow. wow. WOW.

It's midnight and I'm a bit nervous about the conversations I'll have to have. I should have been going in for my induction tonight but instead I'm waiting to hear from my OB and seeing how difficult it will be to push for a Friday/Saturday induction. I hate confrontation and going against authority, so we'll see how that goes. I also have my last MFM appointment for this pregnancy in the morning! They keep saying they wont' weigh him anymore since its not going to be accurate but I want to ask them to do it anyway just to have some sort of an idea since the biggish baby argument is the big one my OB is using for induction.

I took the primrose oil, walked to the point of sheer exhaustion. There's a crazy storm coming tonight and I hope the pressure will send me straight to labor too but I'm so exhausted that if I go into labor naturally tonight I don't know how well I'll do. Besides, all these things? Not working yet. It seems everything could send you into labor tonight!!! oorrrr maybe not. So like Lisa suggested I think I'm going to rest a bit more from here on out. I'm so tired I don't have the energy to put away any of the dishes. I've been cleaning up spotless each night before bed for fear that I will go into labor, rush to the hospital, and my in-laws will walk into our messy house to discover how we truly live! Gasp! Tonight I don't care so I'm hoping Murphy's law will ensure natural labor tonight!

This last weekend of coupledom felt special. We slept in, held hands on our walks, ate frozen yogurt out of the same cup, and had the types of conversations we stopped having somewhere along the way, about life, our perspectives, our childhoods. Being married as long as we have I forget sometimes that there is so much more to know and love about him. Also, IF, loss, and pregnancy has in some ways swallowed up the rest of our life. It was nice to be a couple this weekend.

But. We're ready now. We're ready Sunflower. We're done waiting. Please come to us. Come to us as soon as you can. Preferably tonight. You know your mama hates confrontation. Thank you.


  1. Hope Sunflower makes his grand entrance for you unassisted!

    I won't get into the arguments for inducing now because it is a personal decision...Personally I would go ahead with the induction now, but I am all for "get the baby out now" because of my history and what I have seen happen to friends.

    I hope that you dont have to confront anyone at all and he comes before any of that is necessary!

  2. i'm glad you're spending some nice time with your husband. definitely rest while you can and i hope sunflower comes in the next few days on his own.

  3. WOW indeed! Hoping it all goes naturally tonight. Thinking of you all & looking forward to a post IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS about Sunflower's birth!


  4. Good luck! I hope the storms helped and you're in the hospital!

  5. Any freakin' day now!!! I know you must be so frustrated waiting, and I'm with you on facing confrontation. Just remember, she's a doctor, not an authority figure. Ultimately, it is your decision, not hers. She's the one who should feel bad for trying to hard to push you into a decision you weren't ready for.

    Come on Sunflower!

  6. Praying Sunflower arrives very very soon!! Good luck!!