Sunday, May 2, 2010

5 more days**

U2 says desperation is a tender trap. Hence our visit to Scalinis on the complete other end of town tonight. Its an Italian restaurant where the eggplant purportedly puts women into labor within 48 hours. [If you don't live in the ATL they provide a recipe on-line]. I was impressed with the numbers: 300 women have gone into labor upon eating the eggplant we've had on our menu for 25 years! Hmm. 300/25= 12 per year = 1 per month = coincidence. [Damn me and my math skillz!] Still, it was fun to engage in an Atlanta tradition and after a day of zero contractions I did get a few since we left. Still-

I grew massively in the past few days. One minute I was big. The next- bigger. It's actually frightening. I tried to bring labor on today with the eggplant, mopping the house, scrubbing the walls, not thing, no real signs of labor. I'm exhausted though. And even though I haven't eaten that much today I have the worst indigestion and acid reflux I've ever had.

Tomorrow, Jack and I are planning to power walk in the mall, and buy some primrose oil tablets and an exercise ball from Target. I heard bouncing on it can help ripen the cervix? Question about primrose, the one at Target said "oral use" is there a different one to insert near the cervix or same deal? Hopefully between prayer, primrose, power walks, bouncy balls, and egg plant something will happen!!!

**Updated to say: He got super active around 2am while we were finishing up a movie. Ridiculously so. Kicking, squirming, moving, and then- when I got up Jack and I gasped because my stomach now looks like a different stomach. It looks almost like a torpedo. I swear it looks lower than it was but I can't be certain but its certainly changed shape. Is this lightening? Dr. Google said When the baby begins to drop, you will notice that your abdomen will change shape, shifting down and forward. Unfortunately Dr. Google says this can happen 2-4 weeks before natural labor begins. Dangit. Please let me be an exception. :(


  1. We live near a scalinis. I wish I knew someone that worked for so when my time comes I have a stronger argument to go, lol. Especially since I'm not a fan of Italian food.

  2. Girl - take my word for it - get as much rest as you can right now because you will be so exhausted after labor - and then you will move right into sheer exhaustion that the english language has no real word for right after that.

    I had the worst acid reflux/heart burn of my life at the end of my pregnancy - it was over immediately after labor - I hope your symptoms go away immediately as well!

    And it sure sounds like he dropped to me! From what I have read, the "natural induction methods" do not really work unless you are really ready to go into labor anyway - so my unsolicited assvice to you is to sleep, sleep and sleep some more!

  3. About the eventing primrose...same pills. Wear a panty-liner. I'm just sayin'.

    About the eggplant...yeah, those odds are so not magical. But my step-sister that I'm not close to ate eggplant and two days later her water broke. But also I ate eggplant last Monday.....

    And about the belly...he either dropped...or he turned and probably isn't sunny-side-up anymore! Either way...a good thing. (my belly looks totally different when he's facing in as opposed to out). Also, I dropped and was born all in a 24 hour period (and I was the firstborn).

    Still racin' ya to the finish, woman! :-)

  4. you don'y have 2-3 more weeks, maybe 2-3 more days, but definitely not weeks!!

  5. Wow, so many things happening in la casa del Sunflower! Got myself busy for the weekend and I almost missed the entire action...
    It appears that he has indeed dropped. I keep my fingers crossed for you to get your desired delivery.

  6. Yup same deal with the primrose oil.

  7. Mama, all sounds like good changes to me. Sunflower's arrival is on the horizon. I can just feel it!

  8. Bean went into a kicking frenzy just hours before I went into labor, so you never know!

    Praying for a quick & easy labor for you sweetie!

  9. Hope he comes soon. I think if he turned to the normal position facing your spine, that could cause he change in belly shape you describe. Good luck!