Saturday, December 12, 2009

Watery Discharge

I woke up this morning with a sensation I hate feeling, that of a full wet feeling down there. I checked and it was clear watery discharge. Not enough to soak through, but enough to be quite, undeniably wet. I naturally panicked a bit but felt relieved after I changed underwear and it seemed to have gone away. Then as I cleaned the kitchen half an hour later, there was more. After frantic googling about amniotic fluid leaks I called my doctor who said its probably nothing but if I wanted I could go to my hospital's Labor and Delivery and have them take a look at the fluid and rule out amniotic fluid. Jack's not home right now, and he's not picking up his phone so for now I'm in a new underwear, drinking lots of fluid and hoping its just a new discharge I've never seen.

Part of me is annoyed with myself. I feel like I'm turning into a hypochondriac. But then the nurse didn't take it lightly, so I don't know. I really really hate this.

May seems so far away. I feel like I'm gestating an elephant.


  1. Although I've got the progesterone discharge still going on, I've had a couple days where it felt like there were gushes of watery discharge on top of the usual. I was anxious, but it did go away. And on the next scan, I had more fluid than ever.
    I hope yours is nothing too!

  2. Hoping it's nothing. And definitely able to sympathize about hypochondriacism. Judging from this week I don't think I could make it even as far as you have without having a complete mental breakdown.

    FX for you.

  3. Between weeks 1 and 22 I called and went in and got checked for anything that felt funny - I felt like they would think I was crazy but I did not care - I needed to be reassured - otherwise, the stress was too much.

    That being said, there have been a few times where my discharge has been heavier at times than others.

  4. Thanks guys, the discharge definitely got less as the day wore on and there's very little now. I always looked forward all my life to being pregnant... I never was afraid of how big I'd get etc...... but I hate that all these fears make me just want to fast forward to seeing him. God willing it will happen soon enough.

  5. You arent a freak. I had a lot of this and I actually got pH strips to check. It was always vaginal discharge and never amniotic fluid, but I needed to be sure. I would suggest getting some. It can stop calls to the doc and unneeded trips to L&D.

  6. Sweetie,

    I hope everything is ok! A friend of mine went in recently thinking her water had broken and the midwife checked & said it was semen! Also, my midwife strongly suggested doing 200 Kegels a day (100 quick, 100 each for a count of 5-10) to help prevent urinary leakage.

    Stay hydrated and try to relax but definitely get it checked out if you're worried!!