Friday, December 18, 2009

Twenty Weeks!

I was looking at the sidebar listing out the sampling blog titles this month: nothing is certain, taming fear, fighting depression, irritable uterus, watery discharge, waiting for the other shoe to drop, bacterial vaginosis. Yikes I'm a barrel of laughs lately huh?

Well, changing the topic to something nice, I'm twenty weeks pregnant! and it feels wonderful. Though your risk of miscarriage drops considerably in the second trimester its at week twenty that your changes dwindle to zero [yeah doesn't mean other things can't happen, but still] I am officially past miscarriage territory, I am now closer to having healthy baby than not, and this feels awesome.

For the past two mornings a beautiful thing has happened, sunflower pokes me as I wake up, as if saying hi. When Jack says goodbye to me and then leans in to say goodbye to sunflower before heading to work, sunflower pokes again. I stay in bed for an extra fifteen minutes just feeling his little legs or hands against me and in those fifteen minutes all is right in the world and I want for nothing.

I'm also excited about my new eating regimen in the hopes it will get things, er, moving. I felt like I had a poster saying "I am constipated!" yesterday when I stood at the check-out counter with my activia yogurt, metamucil, and box of prunes, but if it will help I'm game!


  1. YAY - 20 weeks! So, so happy for you darling!!!

    I love that special morning time with Bean feeling the pokes and movements too :)

    Love you,

  2. Hooray for 20 weeks! What a sense of relief. Such a big hurdle to be past. Woohoo!

    As for the uh, back up...I've heard warm prune juice works (like warmed up, not room temp). Nasty as all get out and it helped me a little, though not a lot. The glycerin suppositories are totally safe during pregnancy and work all too well, also...otherwise, sounds like you're on the right track. Good luck!

  3. 20 weeks is such a great milestone! So happy for you!

  4. 20 weeks Woooooo Hoooooooo! Very happy for you and let's keep it going for another 18-20 more. Waking up to the sunflower sounds like absolute heaven and I'm just grinning for you.

  5. Congrats on hitting 20 weeks.


  6. woo hoo for 20 weeks!

  7. I didn't heave my sigh of relief until about 24 weeks - you'll be there soon too! Glad to hear all's well at 20 though.
    I think I started to research baby stuff a little at around 22/23 weeks, more so after 24 weeks. I was just too scared of jinxing things before that (dumb, I know). All that was on the computer though as I laid on my couch at home waiting to see what would happen. After I was cleared to start doing more again at 26 weeks, we went looking at strollers and car seats at a few stores. The rest of the stuff I've ordered in the last couple weeks because we'll be in the US over Christmas visiting my brother (Kooshee changing pad thing, PeaPod, sheets that zip around the mattress in the crib and other little stuff). If I were going to be down there again before the kiddie arrives, I might have waited, but this is how it worked out.
    You've definitely got time - baby will only need very basic stuff at the start, from what I hear.

  8. WOO HOOO!!!! Twenty weeks, that is super duper awesome. Congratulations and I am thrilled that you are feeling good (constipation aside). Now that you are definitely looking pregnant, maybe Jack can apologize to that women for telling her you guys weren't expecting. I still giggle when I think about that. :D

    (And regarding Kate's post above, go get the Baby Bargains book. I spent hours studying it before registering and buying stuff for Bean, and it was sooooooo worth it.) :)