Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MFM Update

Thank you for thinking of me and praying for me. It means the world. As we went to the MFM I had more uterus irritation, not full out contractions but you could tell it was acting funny. I went to give a urine sample and there was more pronounced pinkish spotting. Naturally I freaked out but everyone said this is normal. They did a cervix check and I'm at almost 5 inches! So they said the cervix is doing just fine and the amniotic fluid levels are also just fine. They saw some darkness by the uterus that they think might be the source of the spotting but said it was likely as a result of the uterus expanding and nothing they were concerned about. They told me based on the scan, the contraction was likely braxton hicks and I should expect to see brown discharge with Braxton hicks simply because the lovenox and baby aspirin is going to trigger it more than if I were not on those medications.

Phew. <-- [My understatement of 2009]

Sunflower was chilling out, he's head down on my cervix and his hands covered his face for most of the ultrasound. She had to nudge my belly to get him to move his hands but then he quickly covered his face again. Shy guy. The doctor said all looks well. I'm a little disappointed that the u/s machine the MFM uses isn't very high quality so the images are super blurry but that's besides the point since they saw him and measured my 14 oz bundle of joy, and he's doing fine.

I was dismayed to see I've gained about 17 pounds. Most of it is due to care to the wind eating. I can't even blame sunflower since I haven't had unhealthy cravings. It's just me letting myself eat what I want when I want. Yikes, if I've gained 17 pounds by now I could double this weight by the time I deliver. I'd like to say I'll start watching what I eat now but we're heading to Florida to spend the week with my family and we live to eat, not the other way around. So I guess I'll start hunkering down and doing more portion control in 2010.

But that's all beside the point. All is well. I am so grateful they checked the cervix and the amniotic fluid levels and discovered a probable source of my spotting. The doctor told me to expect spotting on and off here on out, so that is reassuring if I see more spotting while out of town to know its normal.

I hope you are all doing well too. Every night you're in my prayers, most of you by name. I'm not sure what good prayers do sometimes but I believe good vibes go a long way. Here's to good vibes for all of you this holiday season and beyond!


  1. I'm so happy all is well! I've been checking your blog all day, and I'm glad the news is so good, and that you can be at ease if it happens again.

    Have a great time in Florida, and have a happy HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. i'm glad everything's ok, don't feel too bad about the weight gain, the most important thing is that you've got a healthy baby!

  3. Thank God!

    Have a wonderful holiday with the fam & take it easy. Don't worry too much about the weight gain - I gained 20 pounds from week 15-26 and then it slowed way down.

    Just make sure you're getting some exercise every day & eating as healthy as you can - lots of dark greens, legumes, protein and calcium and you'll be fine! :)

    Love you.

  4. Thank goodness!!!!!!! About the weight gain - 17 pounds now sounds great to me!!! Keep up the great gestating!!!!!

  5. Phew! is right. So glad that you and the Sunflower are doing well, that your cervix looks awesome and they have a reason for the smidge of spotting. Looks like he is going to have some mad skillz at playing peek-a-boo.

  6. Whew! I am so glad for this good news. I'm glad it relieved your mind, and here's to an uneventful holiday.

  7. Happy to hear all is well with your little sunflower! Have a Merry Christmas!

  8. Yep, thank God for good news! Somehow I'd forgotten that you're on the ASA and lovenox. I'm guessing your cervix is 5cm long (like mine has basically been from 18-27 weeks) rather than 5 inches. They seem to measure in cm. Anything over 3.5cm by 24 weeks is supposed to be good news, so being at 5cm at 20 weeks is great.
    Sorry you're dealing with the irritability - sounds (hopefully) not as irritating as mine, and I hope it never gets to that point. Hope you have a great Christmas, being kicked by Sunflower and spending time with family!