Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dinner parties

We had a small dinner party tonight with friends we haven't seen in ages. Jack still didn't feel comfortable sharing and said we would only disclose if someone asked. No one asked though I feel convinced I got a few belly stares.

I asked Jack when he feels comfortable sharing and he said once we reach viability, 24 weeks. I think this is unnecessary but I respect his wishes. I see how his face pales when I flinch or touch my belly with a concerned expression. I'm nervous too but his fear is of monolithic proportions. I guess part of it has to do with the fact that anything that happens is so out of his control. It's out of my control too, but I get to feel sunflower do pilates daily so I have more peace. Still, I'm accepting that this is where he is emotionally. Jack can be laid back to a fault, so if he is uptight about disclosing this news, I'm going to respect it but it was weird today to sit there and not disclose particularly when the topic went to babies and pregnancy.

They began mentioning how everyone is having babies, all of them have toddlers of their own. For a split second I felt the old feelings coming back, the unique pain of infertility, and then sunflower would start up his dance dance revolution and I'd remember that I'm not alone right now. One of the girls inadvertently implied she was pregnant to which everyone said are you pregnant? She shook her head and then looked away and said I wish. Soon I hope. I remember her telling me last December of wanting to expand her family. I was struck again when she mentioned her daughter is no longer afraid of needles because she sees her dad giving me injections daily so... and then she fell silent and then I mean, she saw the doctor give me my H1N1 so. . . I nodded but I knew in the way she blushed that we were two IF sisters, sitting just feet apart, but the words went unspoken.

Seeing children make me long for sunflower. By the time I have him in May, I will have been pregnant for 15 out of 17 months. I know sunflower is the newest to chillax in my womb, and though I love being pregnant, I do feel like I'm gestating an elephant.


  1. Hopefully when you're able to share the news in a few weeks, you might be able to share the TTC troubles with that friend, in case she needs someone who understands to talk to about her struggles. Must be a fair gap since her daughter if she's old enough to see the poking and not be afraid any more.
    We didn't out ourselves on facebook until 24 weeks, and I don't think DH told coworkers or friends till then either. I had told some close friends around the 12 week mark, and my family knew from the start. I think his family found out around 12 weeks too.
    I'd bet everyone would have noticed by 24 weeks after seeing me though. I may be carrying small, but there's definitely a lot more to me than usual!
    I'm glad sunflower is continuing the acrobatics and reassuring you both these days. I know DH used to get more nervous when I'd poke my belly trying to figure out if I was having another contraction, or even if I just put my hand on it. He'd always ask what was up, and would be relieved when I'd say she's kicking. I seem to have gotten in the habit of telling him a few times a day that she's twitching away or kicking or stretching in there, so that he can be as reassured as I am.

  2. " ifeel like i'm gestating an elephant." that really hit home. i feel that way too. i've been pregnant for most of 2 years. it actually feels strange to NOT be pregnant now. sometimes I want to say "really? people are only pregnant for 9 months?" but then it hits that I've never been pregnant for more than 7 months straight...

  3. The first half of my pregnancy flew by... now, on bedrest, it is crawling. Here's hoping it goes quickly for both of us!