Friday, November 13, 2009

Random thoughts

1. The spotting is gone. My OB thinks it might be because of a very mildly uphill walk we did the day before in a park. Yes, it was a teeny bit hilly, but we weren't climbing a mountain. She said the lovenox makes all areas around there sensitive so it can cause light bleeding. She told me I could continue to do these things but not to freak out if a few days later I see some spotting- Um no thanks!

2. I feel a lot better now. Thank you to you guys for your advice and support. I am happy that it appears I avoided anything like clinical depression because the feeling lasted for only 5 days. Things that are helping are, I plan to join a local writing group and meet some people, I am getting out of the house today to get some sunshine by sitting by the lake and reading a book, and if I feel that low again I'm going to write about it again because letting it out felt great.

3. Despite feeling better I sense I am more anxious than I should be. This is multifaceted and usually a quick run on the treadmill calms me down, but now I can't do that. This anxiety is robbing me of my sleep, so I think I'm going to start doing yoga. Anyone have any good DVDs you can recommend?

4. A few people mentioned on my depression post that perhaps these feelings have something to do with the year catching up to me. Just because I'm in a "safe place" in my pregnancy doesn't mean I'm safe as yesterday's spotting incident revealed. I think I need to find a quiet peaceful spot to think about this year, reflect on it and find some sort of closure or resolution on it because right now the things that happened are a raw gaping wound. I want to start stitching it closed. I know the scars will never fade but at least the wound will close.


  1. So glad you're feeling better! Be gentle with yourself, and all your ideas on how to cope sound like good ones. I'll be picking your brain if you find any great DVDs! Take care.

  2. I'm glad you are feeling better, and so relieved for you that the spotting is gone. Look after yourself.

  3. yea!! i'm glad you are feeling better. i know all about the anxiety, as you know i was totally freaked out about losing this pregnancy for a loooooong time, but day by day it gets a little tiny bit better. when you are bigger and can feel the baby moving you will feel better.

  4. It is so tough - I am spending my time getting the house ready - do whatever you need to do to stay sane!