Sunday, November 22, 2009

Are you pregnant?

I guess I have not really interacted with many people in the past few weeks because I really thought I didn't look pregnant. Sure a little chunkier but not fat. My pants are tight but they fit. My in-laws said nothing, no stares at my belly, only confirming further that I did not in fact, look pregnant.

I went to a wedding yesterday. The first lady I approached said congrats! I asked for what. She said your pregnancy!

This happened three different times.

Jack freaked out since we have yet to tell his family, who were at this wedding so he told them no, we were not pregnant. This felt weird. It's like you're standing next to someone and they say oh could you introduce us? and you look at them like they're crazy and say there's no one there. Even though said person is hopping from foot to foot with its tongue dangling out. I felt like a demented person saying no this bump that is apparently obvious to you does not in fact exist.

I finally confronted Jack. If I appear pregnant we cannot mortify congratulating people by lying! (Two of them came back and profusely apologizedt so I told them I was pregnant but not to say anything since we haven't broken the news to my in-laws).

Jack and I compromised. We'll tell them on Wednesday after the MFM appointment and hopefully stop mortifying future people proffering congratulations.


  1. Oh scheeze. I'm honestly shocked people would say something out of the blue like that! But I bet you look adorable :)

  2. Gah - how stressful - I will be glad when Wed gets here for you!

  3. It's ok, people should know better than to be congratulatory unitl either a) it's patently obvious or b) you yourself tell them that you're expecting. So even if they were right, the lesson was relevant. But score one for you looking pregnant because you ARE! How exciting!

  4. I am so glad your pregnancy is proceeding nicely!
    I am so sorry I haven missed so much of your story. I like to pretend I am fine fine but sometimes it is hard. I tend to visit folks more often who are still trying to get to the starting line- but that does not mean you have not been on my mind often. Sincere congratulations on gettting an agent! I think that is terrific and wonderful-- you are such a great writer, I am sure that this will bring you success and a much wider audience.

    And finally, oh how awkward for you to be walking the in between line at the wedding-- I am glad you and jack compromised, but this is so hard. your analogy was exactly right.

    best of luck wednesday so you can just move forward as a pregnant lady, no more secrets no matter how well intended. they tend to sap energy, and you need to be able to keep all you can.


  5. Good Luck with telling the in-laws. I'll be thinking of you! :) Yea for being SO pregnant that people notice! That means that little Sunflower is growing nicely!!!

  6. I think you should post a little belly shot for all your readers...It will be fun to see your little sunflower growing. Yay!
    Praying that the time with family goes well and that telling them the news is a happy event for all :)

  7. Good luck telling them the news...I hope that they are happy and excited for you. They should be. We are all very happy and excited for you!

    Exciting that you're starting to show! So happy for you...that's one of those "next steps" I'm sure you've been waiting for! All the best for your appointment!

  8. First of all, I'm surprised at people who congratulate others on a pregnancy without actually hearing from that person that they're expecting! I mean, what if you had just had a big meal?!? lol

    Secondly, I'm so glad you've got that baby bump to show! I pray your family will be excited for you, as well!

    Have fun baking that little one!

    Happy ICLW!

  9. Sorry, I had to laugh at that one!! That poor person... lol And poor Jack. I bet he will feel a lot better when everyone knows. It's not like you can deny it up to the birth! (Unless you are on that TLC special, of course. The one where the women think they are just constipated and end up giving birth in their bathroom. Gross!!)