Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The nausea and the fruit

Well, it's happened, I'm nauseous. Be careful what you wish for? Worse than I ever was with my son. With him I'd get a bit queasy from time to time, but this go around I'm running to the bathroom and lying around eating saltines for the past few days unable to move much while my son helps 'unpack' the house [by which I mean scatters toys, and Q-tips, and the like into every crevice available].

Today began that way but then I remembered Mina's words of wisdom to have a variety of fruit in the house and to eat that throughout the day as it helps nausea. And well, Mina, you are officially annoited to sainthood in my book because I have done just this, eating bits of watermelon, grapes and apricot and lo and behold things are so much better. Probably not the cure all for everyone, but it has done the trick here.

I have another ultrasound next week and as much as I hate this nausea and how its preventing me from cleaning up or unpacking before we have a house full of guests come Thursday, I am thankful for the reassurance [whether its accurate or not I don't know] it gives me in the here and now.


  1. sorry you're feeling sick but so glad it's for a good cause :)

  2. I'm glad you have found a fix for the nausea that works for you. It sucks to be sick but as Katery said it's for a good cause! Good luck with your houseguests this week.

  3. Oh, hurrah for nausea! I mean, I'm sorry, obviously, because feeling pukey is pretty awful, but yay for what it likely means! Happy, healthy little one growing away in there. And there are worse things than eating fruit all day long for a good cause!

  4. Ooo, assvice that helps! Me so happy! :-)
    Fruit is the answer to many tricky issues. I love peaches right now.
    As for nausea - miserable never felt more glorious, huh? :-) It's a good symptom fir a good cause.
    Hang on, u/s day gets nearer every hour.