Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ultrasound and gender guesses

We had the Nuchal Ultrasound today and so far, knock on wood, all looked well. Little one was lying down just chilling, ocassionally kicking their legs up but otherwise so still. At this stage, W was a constant twisting little bundle, and remains so today. I wonder if personality can be observed so early in the womb. We heard the heartbeat, and everything looks good and the doctor supported my decision to stay on Lovenox and I got a fun little surprise that I'm not 12 weeks pregnant but actually 13 weeks pregnant. So, I think I'm at the end of the first trimester? Yipee! That went faster than the last time!

I get to stop Metformin which makes me all kinds of nervous as I wonder if I should stop eating sweets or simple carbs of any kind, anyone reading who got off Met? Curious if you altered your diet after? Doctor said not to restrict anything but I can't help but wonder if I should.

The ultrasound tech was looking around and then we saw what looked like a boy-bit and I shrieked its another boy! And she nodded and said it was quite obviously a boy and its funny because I say all the time I'd be happy with a girl or a boy, just give me their health and their happiness and what more does anyone want? But in that moment when I thought it was a boy, I was surprised that I really felt that way, just happy and excited. After we hugged and smiled, the tech frowned and said well, wait, maybe its a girl. Apparently the protrusion was not the perpendicular tell-tale of a boy, but instead she showed us, and we clearly saw three horizontal lines which indicate a girl. She did not call it either way at the end saying it could be either way as it was still early and honestly, it doesn't matter either way, just a healthy baby and I will do a jig of joy, but its fun to wonder. Wish I knew how to work my scanner so I could show it to you guys, maybe I'll get it figured out soon.

Things are calming down, per your advice I decided we'll tell the inlaws of my pregnancy. At 13 weeks its not unusual to share especially with family and like you said, I got the preggo-card, may as well use it. Thanks again for all the advice.

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  1. Ow, good news are great! :-)
    Glad you're doing fine. And isn't it exciting to keep on guessing thegender? Not that I could last all throughout the pregnancy, but those weeks before knowing for sure, they were fun. :-)