Monday, June 25, 2012

Random Updates

It's late and I should sleep. Hoping by writing a few things out here in my safe space I can get some shut eye before little guy begins chirping bright and early. I'm not one for bullet points on my blog but it seems fastest.
  • The source of my cramps was finally explained late last week when my doctor informed me I had BV. I am really uncomfortable with taking antibiotics in the first trimester as research used to show that you absolutely should not do so but now new research says you can. This makes me feel squeamish but I talked to a bunch of pharmacists and got second opinions and everyone said not taking it will do more harm than good so I'm taking it.
  • The side effects of the antibiotic are brutal. Nausea like nothing I've experienced. Heartburn that made me honestly feel I might be having a heart attack. And my whole stomach issue is bad to the point I'm hoping I don't get dehydrated severely.
  • My Nuchal Ultrasound is Thursday. I'm nervous and scared but I think this is normal. Fingers crossed for good news.
  • We will be discussing stopping my lovenox. My doctor is leaning towards it. But I'm leaning towards sticking with it. I figure I had a healthy baby once with it, and two miscarriages without it. Sure the two miscarriages could have just been a fluke but we don't know either way what gave me my son. Why mess with what worked? I'm hoping my doctor will support me. I get the feeling she will. I just feel like a hypochondriac asking for it because I can tell she thinks I don't need it. . . but I dont get why this time would be different from last time?
  • I've had a lot of family issues with my parents [not me with them, but them with one another]  and its been rough and emotional and I'm still completely shaken and hurting and just as I finally am getting my bearings we found out my inlaws, all of them, are coming to our house this weekend. I havent spoken to my SIL or BIL in a year after a really bad argument and now they're coming to our house. I'm scared of what will happen because pregnancy hormones can get me angry so quickly I can't control it. Honestly, I really can't once I'm riled up. And I just hope that the weekend can go as okay as possible with peole I haven't spoken to in over a year. I know my son will love seeing his cousins. . . and its for him that I'm allowing this to happen. . . but the thought of hosting and serving and dealing with the awkwardness makes me feel ill. Debating telling them Im pregnant so maybe they will ease up. At the same time I don't feel they deserve to know.
Not a sunshine and roses post. Need to get my happy back.


  1. Life is seldom sunshine and roses, hun. Use the pregnancy card, I say. Screw worry, stay on lovenox, get better and take care of yourself. Rest as much as you can. And try not to get any expectations about the upcoming visit - you can deal with anything that might happen, you are on yiur own territory and you are pregnant, what more could you wish for? :-)
    Best of luck with the NT scan!

  2. Long time reader--first time poster! I had BV 2 weeks after my csection (which they worried was endometritis but wasn't) and I was really miserable from it, I'm so sorry this is happening for you. The antibiotics worked quickly for me so hope they do for you too. Fingers crossed for your visit with your SIL/BIL.

  3. oh, if i had bv i would DEFINITELY take the antibiotics, it is SO unpleasant. i hope it clears up soon. if i were you i would totally still want to use the lovenox. maybe it isn't what's keeping you pregnant but maybe it is, better safe than sorry, right? hope you're feeling better soon and good luck with the in-law visit, i hope they take it easy on you.

  4. Ugh. Sorry you've got such a very lot on your plate right now. Good luck with the in-law visit. I agree with Mina--tell them that you're pregnant and that you really need for this to be a stress-free visit! Thinking of you!