Monday, June 18, 2012


It's been a rough few days for a variety of reasons and yesterday I realized that for the past three days I had no symptoms, no nausea, no exhaustion, or the other lingering symptoms that were my constant companion. This made me nervous as my stress levels have been, on a scale of 1-10, an 11 and when I lost my first pregnancy my stress levels were similar and I worried about the correlation. I planned to make a doctor's appointment in the morning and this morning when I woke up to call, as I went to get my phone I was seized by a huge painful cramp. Not a uterus-stretching-feel but a cramp. I am familiar with the sensation. Luckily they fit me in first thing in the morning and I live a mile down the road so K and I quickly headed over. The cramps continued but very light now and sporadic.

Thank God the ultrasound showed a 164 heart beating little baby. My cervix is closed. The doctor thinks all is okay. He thinks that the fact that we, ahem, did the deed two days earlier may be a reason for my weird symptoms. I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow and I have to admit I'm a bit worried by the ultrasound picture. He did not measure the size of the little one since they were doing a heart beat check, but next week is my nuchal test and I remember seeing a very well formed little guy at my 12 week scan last time around. . . . this ultrasound showed pretty much a . . . blob how much more formed will s/he be next week, are they lagging? Also next week I'm going to have an abdominal scan but this week they had to do a vaginal one? So small that they couldn't see it abdominally just a week prior? I asked the doctor and he said this was not a concern. Maybe they take different angles for the nuchal? I also felt concerned since the ultrasound showed a little one with a head, torso, sort of formed arms, and a big dark spot in the middle of the forehead. This freaked me out, but K reminded me that the baby is um, growing and forming in there, so not to read into perceived holes in places there shouldn't be in fully formed humans.

The cramping is still going on and off. I'm trying to keep my feet up and rest as it does get less when I'm off my feet and worse if I'm walking around for a while.

Hopefully things will be okay. Fingers and toes crossed. I've been so much calmer with this pregnancy than the last one and I'm slightly disappointed that the crazy is rearing its head again. This too shall pass though.


  1. scary, i hope everything is ok.

  2. Very scary--I'm glad your doc was able to fit you in right away. Glad that they were that quickly responsive, and glad it was nothing (though fear for WHATEVER reason is never 'nothing'.) A thought on the ultrasound--the quality of the machine makes a HUGE difference on what you see. So I wouldn't worry if things look different than they did a few years ago--they might have used their 'old standby' machine for this one since it was basically a heart-beat check. I'm sure you'll get good pix at next week's nuchal exam! Thinking of you!

  3. Thinking of you and keeping everything crossed for you that all is well.

  4. I agree about the machine quality! Some machines are fuzzy and show no detail while others show every little detail. And I think the dark spot on the forehead is normal! Hang in there!!!! That's a great heartbeat!!!!!

  5. Keep the faith. The baby is fine, you need to rest and the quality of the machines is huge when having u/s. so try t stay away from the scary crap. I know it's hard. Thinking of you.